#TIL Today I Learned Motorsports

You learn something new everyday. If you are anything like me you also forget just as quick! #TIL’s are snippets of peoples day-to-day learning that they share publicly. Think of Today I Learned Motorsports as a growing collection of small, concise “Aha!” moments you can forever refer back to.

Motorsports tips and tricks I am learning day-to-day and sharing here to help you reduce your lap times.

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    General Theories & Principles

    Simplified definitions of

    Data Analysis Principals (Software Tools Below)

    Race Engineering

    Driving Faster

    Analysis Software

    AiM Race Studio 2

    Race Technology

    • Creating sector markers
    • Removing sector markers
    • Saving layout
    • Making start finish line for new track
    • SD card needs to look like this
    • Filtering controls for a data channel
    • Moving or realigning a GPS trace
    • Using time slip % rate to find differences quickly
    • Navigating video playback controls in GoPro version on Mac Parallels
    • Setting the car parameters


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