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Samir Abid

Samir Abid – Race Engineer, Driver Coach & Educator

Neither of my parents had any interest in cars. In fact, they were both terrible drivers.

For a long time growing up with my mum, we didn’t even have a car.

Living in a village in rural Sussex (UK) involved a lot of checking the timing of buses, not laps.

I can’t tell you how I got into motorsports.

I do know my best friend and his Dad used to watch racing – filling the room with the enthusiastic voice of Murray Walker.

But into motor racing? Not really.

Unlike my current proportions, I was skinny and tall as a kid.

Not particularly good at sports – there’s only so many times you need to be picked last for the football team to realise this.

And then I went karting for a friends party.

And I loved it.

And I was good.

For whatever reason, probably to do with my dimensions (lightweight with leverage) coupled with everyone else being rubbish, I won.

And it felt great.

So that was probably it.

I don’t know you (yet) but I’ve spoken to a lot of people in our sport who have had a similar experience.

From the moment they had their first success, behind the wheel or doing the engineering, they haven’t been able to let go.

Madness, really. Football would have been much cheaper!

And so here we are, 20+ years later.

Motorsports has introduced me to so much: engineering, innovation, and ways of tackling hard problems – plus the joy of sport.

Samir has…

  • been a Chartered Mechanical Engineer since 2002.
  • designed suspension for famous road cars (Aston Martin VH platform, Jaguar and Land Rover.)
  • designed suspension for racing cars (Multimatic DP Daytona 500 winner.)
  • run the vehicle dynamics team for MIRA, one of the top automotive proving grounds in the world.
  • an MBA from Warwick Business School.
  • won the award for best MBA dissertation (147 pages on developing racing drivers to win in F1– have a read [link].)
  • spent a decade supervising Warwick MBA dissertation students (64% to distinction level.)
  • spent a decade working with Olympic coaches, through his sports engineering consultancy Pace Insights [link].
  • supported customers in win 41 Olympic gold medals, in 35 sporting disciplines.
  • helped Eliud Kipchoge run a marathon distance in less than 2 hours – a feat experts said was impossible.
  • put his money where his mouth is as a racing driver since 2006 – winning races, podiums, poles and fastest laps.
  • coached racing drivers [link] internationally to achieve their goals on track – from first event to first championship.
  • set up…

…Your Data Driven

I started Your Data Driven to help you break free from all the mis-information, “black art”, and paddock folklore that you may have experienced to date.

To help you move beyond “hope for the best” thinking and to support you in becoming significantly more confident about your abilities to drive faster and set up your car.

I love this sport and simply want to see more people improving and really enjoying their motorsports too.

Every week, I help 1000s of drivers, engineers, mechanics, coaches and parents combat paddock BS, and become more independent on how they can improve, achieve their goals and have fun on track.

So that’s my backstory.

What can you expect?

I also run live workshops throughout the year and work new products, such as ​Lap Time Finder [link].

I also post on:



Please do have a look around.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out. I’m here to help you.

Thank you for reading and for your interest in my work.

About Samir Abid - Race Engineer, Driver Coach & Educator 21

Mr. Samir Abid

Warwick MBA, B.Eng.(hons), C.Eng., MIMechE
MIA School of Race Engineer
Motorsports UK Race National licence holder

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How Can Samir Abid Help Your Organisation?

Samir is available for training, consulting & speaking engagements.

In motorsports? You can advertise your business [link] to thousands of best motorsports readers in the world.

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The Racecar:

Samir Abid used to race No.23. “7” style racecar – Ma7da 7 Series 750 Motor Club UK.

About Samir Abid - Racecar Engineering Blog Your Data Driven
Samir Abid in Ma7da no23 – the car of the series!
About Samir Abid - Some Silverware
Some Silverware! – This stuff works …


Whenever you're ready, there are 4 ways I can help you:

  1. Get 1-1 Help From Samir – Sometimes you just need an expert race engineer to get you back on track. Get your questions answered, the best approaches made clear and your goals achieved, with my support.
  2. Master Your Tyres course [link] - Go beyond tyre pressures and guesswork. Uncover the science, tools and techniques to optimise your tyre setup, and your driving style, so you can confidently get more grip, better handling and faster lap times, on any track, in any conditions.
  3. Motorsports Data Analysis course [link] - Ever wondered what insights you might be missing? Turn the data you're already collecting into accurate, personalised guidance to help you drive faster.
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