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Why Go It Alone, When You Can Learn From The Best In Motorsports?

The challenge of mastering the art and science of racing is what makes the sport so thrilling. But why go it alone when you can learn from the best? The Motorsports Playbook is your ultimate guide to unlocking the secrets of success on the track – and it’s a guide you might feel I wrote specifically for you.

Ross Bentley on Your Data Driven Podcast

” Samir has a knack for drawing out the best tips, tricks and pieces of advice from his podcast guests. To have all of these lessons in one simple, easy-to-digest book is hugely valuable.”

Ross Bentley – Indycar Driver & Coach

The Challenge of Organising Your Notes

As an experienced race engineer and amateur motorsports participant, I understand the challenges you face.

One of those challenges is the lack of time you have to organise all the notes you made from listening to my podcast… (You did make notes, right?!)

That’s why I took on the task of organising and summarising the wisdom and advice from my first guests – 20 of the worlds top professionals in motorsports, including Indycar driver and coach Ross Bentley, F1 race and rally engineers, and The Original Stig.

My thinking was, imagine how much you’d learn from spending time with just one of these superstars. Now, imagine how much more could you learn from 20…

Creating this book turning into a 3-month endeavour, but the results were remarkable – I’ve found many “golden nuggets” of advice that I’m sure will give you several ‘aha’ moments.

The reason is because all the themes are aimed at help you solve common problems you face in performance driving and motorsports coaching. When you see what all these experts have to say, all brought together, its very powerful.

From this… 🙈

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To this👇

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Really great motorsport related content with a wide range of top notch guests from around the industry. Samir’s an excellent host- really easy to listen to. Lets the guests speak and develop ideas over the course of the conversation which is not always the case with other podcasts. Much to be learned here for enthusiasts at all levels.

Great listen by Dan Hale 5star

Just thought I’d pass on my congratulations on your superb podcasts! I can honestly say that all of them where very interesting but above all inspirational. All of the guests seemed very grounded and pitched at your audience perfectly (or to me anyway!). Keep up the good work.

Superb podcasts by Rob Cooper 5star

What You’ll Learn

In The Motorsports Playbook, you’ll learn:

  • How to perfectly set up your car for every race (even in the rain.)
  • Secrets to how the best coaches teach mastering corner entry.
  • How you can apply F1 testing approaches to give you more reliable info.
  • How to better understand drivers and coach others in motorsports (from Olympic coaches)
  • Simple explanation of what dampers do (and how to use them in racecar setup)
  • Techniques for learning racecraft more safely (and quickly.)
  • Where on track to prioritise in order to lap faster (not necessarily the corner onto the longest straight….)
  • Strategies for managing nerves and building driver confidence in driver development (champions and phsyic.)
  • Methods for finding reliability issues before they ruin your day.
  • The key measures you need for fast, effective driver data analysis.
  • And much more…!!

This podcast has been very useful with loads of great tips for both the club racer & probably the pros. Keep it up!

Excellent podcast by Jonathan Lisseter 5star

I wanted to reach out and thank you for the wonderful podcast you host, with interviews with Damian Harty and THE Peter Krause! They were insightful and gave me the push to keep working harder and keep learning!

Wonderful podcast you host by Purjav Rajan 

The Motorsports Playbook

The book is a collection of quotes from the guests, but I’ve arranged them in a way that sometimes makes it feel like the different guests are actually talking amongst themselves.

The result is that their advice will feel more relevant, relatable and personal to you, as an amateur motorsports participant. It’s uncanny at times – especially considering most of the guests have never met.

You get a menu of proven approaches you can apply to immediately start gaining confidence, speed and lap time.

149 pages of quotes, summaries and key takeaways.

Lessons all clearly arranged to help you see inside the mind of someone who has drivencoached or engineered at the highest level in motorsports:

The Motorsports Playbook table of contents

Proven wisdom plus hundred’s of actionable tips and techniques to help you lap faster.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn from the best. Achieve your goals faster with The Motorsports Playbook – a guide that I wrote specifically for you, to help you organise and make sense of the advice from the top professionals in motorsports.


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BONUS 2 – 3x Extra Lessons on Sponsorship. Learn about how to get someone else to pay for your racing! Great advice and actionable tips (comes included with the video course.)
BONUS 3 – 3x Quick Reference Infographics. A menu of all the key takeaways you will find in the book. Each section summarised into 1 page! Get even more value. See even more patterns and trends. Quickly jump back in. Use as quick prompts at the track.

Prices include your local taxes.
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24 page sample – Foreword (by Ross Bentley), Intro & 2 lessons:

About The Author

I’m Samir Abid, a Professional Engineer with over 20 years of experience in suspension and data systems on race cars.

Based in Warwickshire, UK, I understand the challenges and excitement of motorsports from both a technical and personal perspective. I race and coach at the club level, and also create courses and calculators to help enthusiasts like yourself.

And as an Associate Fellow at Warwick Business School, I have the skills to distill complex information into actionable insights for you.

The Motorsports Playbook is the result of that distillation. It’s the culmination of 20 expert interviews, distilled and organised so you don’t have to.

Let me be your guide and make the most of your time on the track.

About Samir Abid | Your Data Driven

More Than A Book – 3x Bonuses Too!

The Motorsports Playbook is more than just a book. Get these bonuses too…

Bonus 1: Audio Version

The book is not all, The Motorsports Playbook also comes with a bonus audio version of the book that includes direct quotes from the podcast shows, allowing you to truly understand the passion and emphasis of what the experts are recommending, and how they are saying it, adding another level of communication. This audio version is perfect for use while commuting, travelling to the track, working on the car, or even while exercising at the gym. The audio version helps keep you in the mood and prepares you for your next race.

3hr+ Audiobook (Worth £19.99)

Let long, boring travel journeys be a thing of the past. Imagine being coached all the way, by the very best professionals in motorsports! Compete audiobook narrated and ready to go. Just add to your library, sit back and enjoy.

The Motorsports Playbook Audiobook cover advert

Bonus 2: Infographic Summaries

The Motorsports Playbook is designed to be taken in steps, with time for the information to sink in. And it’s also a future reference guide, with three accompanying infographics that summarise each topic and my key takeaways, to act as a useful prompt for the potentially overwhelming amount of good advice contained in the book.

94 Key Takeaways As Infographics (Worth £19.99)

Once you have read the book, these are the crib sheets you will keep coming back to again and again. Mobile, Kindle & Tablet friendly – you also get them in PDF and ePub.

The motorsports playbook - key takeaways into infographics

Presented in 3x beautiful infographics they provide a complete overview of each section on Driving Fast, Coaching and Race Car Engineering. They give you a quick reference menu of solutions 94 takeaways in total – that you can start to apply to your racing today!

Bonus 3: Audiogram Course

Audiogram Course & 3x Extra Lessons On Sponsorship (Worth £29.99)

Sponsorship gives you everything you want, more testing, a new helmet, a better car – the lot. If you get one sponsor from these lessons then they will have more than paid for themselves!

Included in this 42 lesson course are 3x bonus lessons on Sponsorship. They give you inspiration, ideas and actionable methods on how to raise money for your racing.

Every lesson has been transcribed and produced in this audiogram format.

Free audiogram lesson on conquering nerves: ?


Who Were The Guests In The Motorsports Playbook?

Thank You Reel #fun 😊


Andrew Cohen-Wray F1 mental perf coach & racer – McLaren

Ross Bentley:   Ex-Indycar racer & coach – Speed Secrets

Andrew Rains:   Ex-pro driver & business owner – Apex Pro

James Williams:   Mercedes F1 transmission engineer & racer

Damian Harty   Ex-WRC vehicle dynamics eng – Prodrive

Scott Mansell:  Ex-F1 driver & driver coach – Driver61

John Kirkpatrick   Ex-pro driver & coach – ARDS President

James Colborn:   AiM data guru & club racer

Perry McCarthy:   Ex-F1 driver & The Stig from Top Gear

Matt Neal:   Pro driver & 3x BTCC touring car champion

Peter Krause:   Data coach & historic racer

Danny Nowlan:  Vehicle dynamics eng & owner –ChassisSim

Aris Vasilakos:  Sim racing & Head of R&D – Assetto Corsa

Rob Wilson: Ex-pro driver & coach of 75+ F1 drivers …

Dave Devine:   Aston Martin F1 suspension eng & racer

Scott Gardner:   Olympic head coach & cycling pro –TeamGB

Brian Sims:   Ex-pro & Benetton F1 sponsorship guru

Jeff Braun:   Pro race engineer & coffee business owner!


Who is the Motorsports Playbook for?

The amateur racing driver and their teams. This book is for you if you want to:

  • get unstuck from your current performance plateau.
  • start getting more organised.
  • get a head start if track driving is new to you.
  • gain an advantage over your competitors.
  • help others more effectively – as a coach, instructor or engineer.
  • learn how to adopt a more professional approach.
  • have more confidence on track.

How can I apply this knowledge?

I challenge every guest who comes on the show to give us one or two key takeaways. Actionable advice that they have picked up in their job but that you can easily apply – given this is not your day job. All the lessons are laser-focused on helping you given your limits of time, money and man-power. Some suggestions are so simple you will be kicking yourself for not thinking of it before. The aim is to give you the clarity and confidence to know not only what is possible but when is enough.

I can’t read! ?

Grab the audiobook version. Personally I think this is the best format. As you will discover though, everyone has their own personal learning style. The audio version is great to listen too during exercise, on your daily commute or on your travels to the track.

Why would I pay given I can listen to the shows free?

What started to become apparent during the show recordings were common themes, suggestions and approaches. The Motorsports Playbook is my interpretation of all that advice. Hours of shows distilled into a form that makes it more easy for you to learn, recall and apply what is being said. The shows are like the raw materials. The book transforms the best bits into an actionable tool you can use.

Why Playbook?

In sports the best coaches have a “Playbook” on how they would approach different key scenarios. Strategic, precise and actionable knowledge on how to succeed. The Motorsports Playbook aims to be your little black book of wisdom that works in motorsports.

Is this a real book?

Yes and no. Yes as it is a properly formatted, organised and produced book with its own ISBN number and registration. No, as it is digital and not (currently) made of paper.

Can I get a free sample?

Yes! Grab the first 24 pages here.

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