What if you could effortlessly uncover the best lap time opportunities hiding in your data?

Quality data is accessible to anyone these days, but that doesn’t make it any easier or quicker to interpret…

As a racing driver or serious track day driver, you know how frustrating it can be to make sense of the data logged on your car after a race or track day. The charts and graphs can be overwhelming, and outdated software makes it hard to get the insights you need to improve your performance. And with limited time between sessions, spending hours interpreting data just isn't always practical. But what's even more painful is the feeling of missed opportunities. When you do have the time to analyse the data, it's often too late to take advantage of the insights that were just sitting there, waiting to be unlocked.

Automagically Discover Your Opportunities To Drive Faster

But what if you could get the same level of analysis and guidance as if you were working with a pro race driver coach, but without expense? Imagine having instant access to insights and recommendations that will highlight the good and the “could do better”, to help you drive faster the very next time you are on track.

Opportunties in key area such as under braking, during corner entry and even whether you’re on the ideal line or in the right gear...

What if you could get a clear, objective record of your performance that would allow you to make data-driven decisions and bypass the "paddock folklore" that can hold you back?

Introducing: Lap Time Finder - the automated data coach in your pocket!

We're working on an experimental tool… a complex tool for us in order to give you a simple solution to your data interpretation problems.

You simply send us your data after a track session, and we'll do the rest.

Our tool will automagically analyse your data and run our bespoke algorithms to provide you with a clear, concise report that outlines what you achieved and highlights your best opportunities for improvement. And the best part? Our user-friendly platform means you can access these insights instantly, with just a few clicks - no complicated software to navigate. No analysis expertise required.

Compatible With Your Data Logger

But that's not all - our product is aiming to support data from the most popular data loggers used in motorsports, including AiM, MoTeC, and Racelogic VBox. So whether you race on real tracks or sim racing tracks, you can benefit from lap time finder.

by Samir Abid - Your Data Driven

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