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“This was a huge success for me and my investment! :)”

Ross Bentley, Speed Secrets INc

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30 – 50 depending on relevance and copy.


Drivers (56%)
Engineers + Mechanics (29%)
Coaches (6%)
Sim racers (5%)


83% Men
60% aged 25 – 44
24% aged 45 – 64


44% USA+Canada
19% Europe
14% UK
7% Australia+NZ

“Your site’s great. I did my first event using basic data and learnt more about my driving in 3 runs than I’ve learned in 30 odd years.”

Jeremy Sladen

Ad Creative Requirements:

I want your ad to be successful.

All our research and testing say that short, intriguing ads with lead magnets perform the best.

The longer the ad the worse. The more unclear the CTA, the worse.

With that in mind, here are the creative requirements:


Ads are text only and can be 140 characters long. Each sponsorship will also have a call-to-action (CTA). The CTA text has a max limit of 20 characters.


Example Copy: Bridgelop tyres clinched 10 club championships this year! Grab their free 117-page setup guide to enhance your tyre performance too.

Example CTA text: Download the Guide!


You supply the Ad copy, which is due one week prior to the placement date.


I may need to re-word the Ad to fit the style of the newsletter, and I’ll run the changes by you before publishing.

“I very much look forward continuing to learn what you have to say in your regular emails.”

Mack McCormack

Please Note:
There are no cancellations or reschedules due to timing, availability, and holding the date. I also reserve the right to decline any sponsors that aren’t a good fit for Ahead of the Curve (a full refund would be issued in that case.) I also reserve the right to edit the copy to fit the above guidelines.

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