Motorsports Spreadsheets

Welcome to this growing collection of Motorsports Spreadsheets.

Working out how to best prepared for your time on track can get complicated fast. Get simple tasks wrong – like setting your tyre pressures, changing gear or incorrectly filling your fuel tank – and you will be slow.

You want to be getting everything out of your equipment. Giving yourself the best chance to drive faster and improve your lap times.

Feeling confidently in control of these basics – and more – is where a simple motorsports spreadsheets can help you.

You will find the spreadsheets throughout the articles and pages of the website. As the site grows, the purpose of his page is to make it easier for you to quickly find my main spreadsheet tools:

Fuel: Calculate the best fuel strategy for your raceNew!

Gears: Determine your ideal gear change rpms, and your best gear ratios.

Tyres: Set your tyre pressures perfectly with this tool, then interpret your tyre temperatures.

Data: Use these tools if you have got noisy data – like acceleration data – to filter.

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