Race Driving: What Is The Most Important Corner On A Race Track?

The most important corner on a race track will have the largest impact on your lap time gained or lost.

Typical folklore will suggest this is the corner leading onto the longest straight. Often this correct.

However what if you could calculate an answer? One specific to you and your car. Specific to the track and not only highlighting the the most important corner, but also ranking ALL the corners.

Take a read here : https://www.yourdatadriven.com/what-is-the-most-important-corner-on-a-racetrack/

Several engineers on the podcast have however suggested alternative views to this:

  • James Knapton F1 engineer, argues that the slow corners are where there is most lap time to be gained. This of course assumes that you as a driver are already maximising the car performance in the high speed corners.
  • Damian Hardy rally and race engineer agrees. Purely because of the time you spend in them, the most important corner on a race track is the slowest one.

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