AiM Race Studio: Show Time Variance Channel

Issue: You need to show time variance channel on the Measures Graph in AiM Race Studio

Looks like:

Show Time variance channel in AiM Race Studio

Need to know:

  • Time variance is your lap time gained or lost around the lap
  • This is the same as delta-t or time slip or c-time etc.
  • It is NOT its own channel in the “Measures” selection (on left “Measures toolbar”)
  • You need at least 1 other Measure selected before you can see it.
  • You need at least 2 laps selected before you can see it (them)
  • Reference lap is the 1st lap you select.


  • Toggle Distance/Time –> Distance
Sectors Not Showing On Measures Graph Distance Time Toggle
  • Choose two laps –> Measures and laps –> Laps:
Show Time variance channel in AiM Race Studio select 2 laps
  • Time variance should show up in Measures Graph

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