How To Setup gSum In AiM Race Studio

Issue: You want to see a combined lateral and longitudinal acceleration trace to assess the drivers use of the grip.

Looks like:

AiM Race Studio gSum Channel

Need to know:

Method: Setup gSum In AiM Race Studio

  • Select Modify -> Math channels
  • Select General (Top left)
  • Click AiM_G_Sum and then Add >
  • Select your session data (Click top left)
  • Click <<< Paste
  • You now have the channel added to your data set. The next thing is to confirm it is working, configure and test it.
  • Click Test channel
  • It is likely you’ll get an error:

What this means is that the software can’t find the highlighted part of the equation. In this case the software is looking for a channel called AccLat but it can’t find it.

AccLat is a channel for lateral acceleration. You need to replace this with the name for lateral acceleration in your data set. There are several options for this sometimes. If you are not sure choose GPS_LatAcc :

  • With AccLat highlighted, double click GPS_LatAcc
  • This will replace the text in the equation like this:
  • It is likely that the longitudinal acceleration will also cause you an error. Replace in the same way as the LatAcc.
  • You should have something like the channel description below.
  • Press Test channel again and look for confirmation it is “correctly interpreted.”
  • The standard channel has minus scale. As this gSum channel is never minus, you can replace that so that it plots nicer in the Measures Graph.
  • Replace the -3 with 0 :
  • Your channel should be created. Click ok.
  • To visualise this channel in the Measures Graph click on AiM_G_sum

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