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Sometimes you just need a Pro Race Engineer to get you on the right track.

Tap into Samir Abid’s experience in race engineering, data analysis and driver coaching to help you quickly achieve your goals on track.

Samir has been working in motorsports and high performance sports for over 20 years. He has helped hundreds of drivers and their teams, learn to drive faster and setup their cars with confidence.

Samir has also raced at club level and appreciates the frustration’s of limited resources, limited time and navigating inaccurate paddock folklore – it doesn’t have to be that way for you anymore.

Samir Abid from Your Data Driven

Your Questions Answered

Motorsports gets so complex – how can you be sure you’re doing it right? What difference would it make if you had access to clear guidance, fresh ideas, and even validation of things you already know or do? Imagine having knowledge grounded in reality, gained from years of making cars and drivers faster.

The Best Decisions Made Clear

There never seems to be enough time at the track! But what if you knew you were getting the most from your testing, your data, and your setup strategies? How good would it feel to confidently know you were always taking the best approach and making the best decisions?

Your Performance Goals Achieved

Living in the moment is fun! Always beating the odds is amazing. But you know it’s also an excuse. Deep down, if you’re tired of being stuck on a plateau and never quite delivering on your potential, imagine how incredible it will feel to finally achieve all your goals and ambitions.

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Onboard Lap Review

Get personalised ideas and recommendations to help you lap faster. If you’re off the pace at a track, unsure why or where you can improve, get this fresh eyes, expert perspective. Simply send over your onboard video of your best lap. Samir will pinpoint the top 1-2 key areas for your improvement and provide several actionable tips to help you lap faster.

  • Corner-by-corner review of your lap
  • Specific tips to improve your line, braking, throttle, and gears
  • Actionable suggestions for overall driving improvements
  • Video report with insights and guidance (within 3 days)
  • Watch this sample review [link]

Don’t delay. Limited to only 5 reviews per week.

Onboard lap review
1 Hour AMA Consult 1


One Hour Performance Consult

Anything goes on this performance consultation call. Setup, Data, Driving, Coaching, Engineering and more. Time to tap into Samir’s vast experience and practical ideas as a Race Engineer to help you get unstuck.

  • Live 60 min conference call with Samir Abid
  • Open for invited team members
  • Call is recorded and provided within 24 hrs.

£1000 (Save £250)

5 Hour Service Pack

Whether you want to sprinkle the 5 hours throughout the next 12 months with live check-ins or want us to do some quick and impactful calculations or analysis for you, this option gives you 5 hours of anything goes service with Samir.

Some ways this can be used:

  • Driver video and data analysis with live calls
  • Driver goal setting & performance planning
  • Testing planning and support with “bat phone”
  • Vehicle modelling & setup investigations
  • Team mentoring & skills development
5 Hour Service Pack