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What does it take to win in motorsports? How can YOU use data as a racing driver? What setup would make YOUR racing car faster? Where can YOU get interesting, expert and genuine race engineering advice?

Don’t Rely On Vague Paddock Folklore Anymore!

When you ask “Why …” do the answers you get make you feel uncomfortable? Uncomfortable that people do not really know why something is better or worse? That they do not really understand what caused your results to go one way or another? That it is not really clear what you actually need to do in order to go faster …

Don’t accept the vague, hand-wavy, often plainly incorrect explanations you find in the paddock or online any longer.

Imagine being even better prepared, more confident and faster on track.

Race Engineering = Your Quest For Accurate Answers

Are you:

  • Curious?
  • Keen to understand how and why things happen on track?
  • No longer happy to be fobbed off by questionable paddock wisdom?
  • Interested to learn from how the professionals approach their motorsports?
  • Keen to be able to help yourself get straight answers to your own questions?
  • Looking for complete confidence in knowing what to do to improve?

Great news!

Your Amateur Race Engineering Toolkit!

Did you know that many of your problems have been solved?

Here you can easily learn a more analytical, more professional – data driven – approach to reducing your lap times.

Your Data Driven is an online race engineering resource for the amateur and sim motorsports community.

Helping you learn how to know precisely what to do to improve.

Clear, precise and honest guidance, tools, courses and more …

Start today! 👇👇

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