Use Peaks In Acceleration To Assess Grip Levels

You can use peaks in acceleration to assess grip levels.

You cannot measure grip directly. You can easily measure acceleration on the racing car. Acceleration peaks when you run out of grip.

Use these peaks to:

  • assess grip levels of your racing car on any particular track.
  • the affect of setup changes
  • identify setup issues i.e. for a circuit car the peaks left and right should be the same.

In-depth article on GGV.

What to be aware of?

  • acceleration sensors can be unreliable
  • installation angles of sensor equipment
  • placement of sensors
    • relative to centre of gravity of race car
    • relative to electrical components in race car i.e. magnets
  • the logging frequency – most over 100Hz but check
  • filtering or smoothing approach used –> more on filtering acceleration traces

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