The Your Data Driven Vault – FREE Resources

The Vault is a constantly growing collection of FREE subscriber-only goodies. This page shows you what is currently available. Click here to get instant access.

Courses & Book

  • Data For Track Drivers – Mini Course. Use coupon to get 100% off this course.
  • Excel VBA For Motorsports. Use coupon to get 50% off this course.
  • The Complete Beginners Guide To Motorsports Data Analysis Course. Stop being that person with the $1000+ lap timer. Take this course and by next week you will be able to turn your data into lap time.
  • Data Analysis Masterclass with Scott Mansell of Driver61. What would a Pro Driver do in your racing car? Discover precisely what a Pro would do in your racing car, how fast they go and how you can learn from their approaches. Get it here.
  • The Motorsports Playbook. Professional approaches you can apply to supercharge your success on track. Learn more about the book here.

Race Engineering Tools

  • Perfect Your Gear Changes. What is are the best gear change RPM values? What as the best gear ratios to choose? Read the detailed guides here and here. Free video guide is here along a 19 page handout.
    • Basic 5 Speed tool. Use coupon for 25% 100% off.
    • Advanced 6 Speed optimiser. Use coupon for 25% off.
  • Perfect tyre temperatures are critical to getting everything your tyres have to offer. My detailed guide takes you step-by-step how to interpret racing car tyre temperatures. Make your own copy of the free analyser spreadsheet here.
  • How do you set your racing car tyre pressures perfectly every time? Click here for free access to a spreadsheet that has the answers. See together with this article.
  • Get great driver feedback, every time, with my 5 step approach. Download my 5 step checklist here to ensure you get the most from your racing-driver-datalogger.
  • Introduction to data logging: Delta-t. This critical data channel is the first port of call for any data analysis session. Find out how delta-t is calculated in the article here and download the subscriber only 23-page handout (with worked example using AIM Studio) here.
  • Is there a quick way to create those side by side lap comparison videos? The article and example output video are here to see if it is your thing. The subscriber only how to video guide is linked here.
  • Easily calculate the frontal area of your racing car. Read the article here and grab the accompanying resources here: 1) For the free handout click here. 2) For the free transparent grid image click here to save it to your images.
  • Tyre data: Yokohama A048