See How Telemetry Data Can Help You Drive Faster

Data in motorsports can be hugely frustrating. There is a high barrier to entry for both understanding and acquiring data. Is it worth it? How can you apply data when you have it?

All you really want to know is how to drive faster and more consistently. Driving is an experiential sport. Data promises to help but it is hard sometimes to see how it can be applied.

In the video above, I take you through an example. The aim is to show you how I am using the simplest of data to learn and improve.

Use Telemetry To Form Your Driving Plan

Driving for me is about having a plan and then executing on that plan.

Here I show you how I am using data to judge my driving and form that plan.

You will see me work out things that make me faster and things that do not. You will also see how data can surprise you – when something that does not feel fast in fact ends up being a lot quicker.

You will see I am not the best driver! Ignore that (if you can!) as my aim is to demonstrate how you can use data to help yourself.

I largely use the delta-t data channel. Unfortunately, this data channel has a number of different names. It is also slightly confusing as to how it works out whether you are faster or slower. Have a read of this article if you are curious to learn more about it.

“Can I have your data?” YES!

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The data actually has many more channels too, including steering, braking, throttle, speed, even brake temps and suspension displacements etc (if that is your thing ? )

Hope it helps you.

Next Steps with Data

Before you go anywhere near your data, find out what the driver had to say. Here is a process and checklist to Get Great Driver Feedback.

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