Ep6. Chassis Setup Made Simple with ex-Prodrive Engineer Damian Harty

A World Rally Car is the hardest racacar to setup. Ex-Prodrive rally engineer Damian Harty joins us on the show to make the complex simple. Damian helps us to understand what is really going on, what you can apply yourself and where to focus in order to drive faster.

Episode Notes

World Rally Cars are some of the hardest vehicles on the planet to setup well and to drive at the limit.

The lessons learnt in this punishing environment can inform all your forms of racing.

Join us for this fascinating episode where we start to get to grips with what is really going on when your tyre hits the road, and with what your competition car suspension needs to do in response.

We tackle one of the trickiest subjects for any racer, that of understanding the role of the the damper (shock absorber). Through Damians clarity of explanation you will come away with a solid understanding of what is going on and why getting your wheels balanced is more important than you think.

Next time the weather changes to wet will you still be tempted to wind off all your damper clicks?

Grab a pen and paper to find out the answer to this common question, plus how to tackle many (many) other key performance areas in your own racing – oh and learn if Petter Solberg is really a nice guy …

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