How to Bed In New Track Tyres

How you bed in new track tyres is more important than you think. Here is a simple bedding in process to get more grip and longer life from your tyres.

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The 2 Important Things To Know, When You Bed In New Track Tyres (or Tires!)

The way you bed in your new track tyres will have a big impact on their performance on track.

It is just not something we think about on our road car, but on the race track this is more important.

This has to do with the construction of a race tyre (or track focused tyre) and what you’re going to put them through on the circuit.

You can see this in the image below, that your tyre is made up of layers.

New Tyre bedding in process for race tyres.
How to Bed In New Track Tyres 5

In new tyres, these layers retain a residual tension from the manufacturing process.

The first time you run a new tyre on track, your job is really to reduce this tension and get the layers talking nicely together.

The rubber compound itself needs to be treated with care first time out.

You probably know your tyre heats up, but it happens at different rates in different parts of the construction.

What you want to avoid, especially when you bed in new track tyres with its first heat cycle, are creating local hot spots.

For the best performance and longest track life, what you’re aiming for is an even “cure” of the rubber all through the tyres construction.

So how should you go about doing this?

How to Bed In New Track Tyres

Speak with any tyre engineer and they will tell you the most damage you can do to your tyre is when they are under inflated – this is why their recommended tyre pressures are always so conservatively high.

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For new tyres I agree.

The goal is not performance but getting the layers introduced, and curing the rubber compound evenly.

To bed in new track tyres, I’ve had most success with the following steps:

  1. Inflate your tyres towards the maximum of your target pressure range.
  2. Run for around 10 minutes at no more than 8/10ths pace – you want to get proper heat in the tyres but focus on being super smooth with your driving.
  3. Return to the pits, and get the tyres off the car (or the ground) – to reduce hotspots baking in.
  4. Let your tyres cool for as long as you can.

A good tip I’ve found on the driving part is to focus on getting heat into the tyres during straight line running i.e. under braking, and going a bit easier on them in the corners.

Think of bringing a pan of boiling water to the boil – steadily and very hot, but evenly heated.

On the cooling, at minimum you want them back to ambient air temperature.

This cooling can take a while, at least half an hour or more.

Some people I know like to leave then for a whole 24 hours but I appreciate your schedule might not accommodate that.

Get them off the ground and do the best you can.

Next time out, push from the out lap!!! – and you should find you’ve A LOT more grip.

Time it right and these are the tyres you want to bolt on for qualifying…

Oh, and enjoy it – that first outing after you bed in new track tyres in is always my favourite!

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