Driver Confidence – What Is it?

Clearly it feels better when you have driver confidence! But could you describe that feeling if someone asked you?

Think about it… what would be your definition of “driver confidence” ?

Got one?

Ok, let me ask you this:

Does your description include any reference to lap time?

Maybe it does. Maybe it doesn’t.

This isn’t a right or wrong test here, I’m just curious.

How Important Is Driver Confidence – Really?

You want to lap as fast as possible.

In all conditions. In all weathers.

But what is the connection – if any – between lap time and confidence?

If you had driver confidence of say 9/10 verses 4/10, will that translate into lap time?

Probably the driver with more confidence will be faster – all things being equal – but by how much?

Sometimes you can spend a lot of time refining the technical complexities of your motorsports. Looking at the racecar and dreaming up infinite ways you can make it faster.

How much time do you actively invest in working out how to improve your driver confidence? Where does it sit in your priority list?

What Do The Best Coaches, Engineers & Pro Drivers Do?

In this free audiogram extract from The Motorsports Playbook below, you can discover just how the pro’s approach driver confidence.

In less than 5 mins, you will discover:

  • How you can help yourself or another driver gain confidence in the car.
  • Learn about different ways drivers sense the limit… and consider the impact that has if you have never realised these differences before.
  • Ways to discover how confident a driver is on track… even without them having to actually tell you.
  • The real performance impact of a lack of confidence…
  • and more … ?

Consequences Of Mistakes

Unlike most sports, the consequences of a small mistake in motorsports can be high.

A driver feels this constant tension between bravery and self-preservation.

By definition, to succeed on track you need to be taking the car to its limit of grip. The closer you can sit on that limit, the more speed you will extract.

If you go over that limit though, bad things can happen.

Consequently a drivers senses are heightened on track. Messages from the car processed, filtered and reacted too in an instant.

Frankly, it can be scary… and scary is slow.

What Is Your View?

I’d be fascinated to hear what you think and how you approach this.

Sign up below ?? and email me your experiences. Do they match the pros?

Even if you’ve heard that extract before, it is worth another listen. I genuinely seem to pick up something new every time.

Learn more about The Motorsports Playbook project here… 


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