How do you promote data and analytics internally? With a newsletter?

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Your data team is frustrated.

You’re sitting on a potential gold mine of valuable insights, yet you feel it is being totally under-utilised.

People in the organisation accept that data has “a place these days” but they are still a bit suspicious about the true value it really offers.

Do you feel this is short-sighted – an outdated view from a different generation perhaps?

If only people had the data they needed, then they would be able to work smarter.

They would see for themselves.

A win for them and for you.

Many in the organisation are not even aware of the volume of data your team is sitting on.

If only they knew.

If only they had some concrete examples of successes your team had had with the data.

Then they would start coming to you with more and more questions.

They would finally see the high-value your data team was contributing.

What you need is a kind of “an internal sales and marketing approach” for your data team.

An internal newsletter is suggested.

It’s a solid idea.

Produce an interesting and informative data-focused newsletter that can easily and quickly spread the team’s good work to all the key people in the organisation.

Design it to demonstrate your team successes and stimulate the senior team’s own thoughts on how BI could help them too.

Start receiving several really interesting and challenging project ideas that can really maximise the true value of the data you’re sitting on.

The naysayers silenced. Your data team revered (finally.)

The thing is, no-one in your data team really knows how to write a decent newsletter (you are data geeks, not writers, after all.)

And who really has the time to sit and read newsletters?

Maybe some but I’m guessing not the senior team you are really trying to reach?

The main issue though is one of generalisability. Or the lack of.

What I mean is that just because you can see that two peoples situations are similar, doesn’t mean that they can.

You can give people a case study but unless they feel it matches precisely with their situation, it won’t even resonate.

My experience is that people tend to believe their situation is so unique that they just won’t make the connection(s) that you would.

Therefore relying on people to come up with their own ideas on how your data team can help them (if they are not doing it already) is not going to work.

To be honest, I think most people will actually feel that coming up with good ideas is your job.

By going down the newsletter-junk-mail-scatter-gun approach to promoting your team’s value, you, in fact, risk everything.

You might feel you’re putting out an informative and interesting newsletter. They might think is anything but!

Rather than making your team look good, it could make your team look bad, really bad, like so bad “Why are you are having to justify your own existence guys?” bad. Eek.

I’m guessing but I’d be surprised if anyone has ever done this successfully and certainly not over a sustained period of time.

The odds are so stacked against you that it is likely to make your situation (a lot) worse, not better.

Personally, I’d recommend you consider spending the time you’d take creating the newsletter and instead spend it on in-person sessions with your target audience.

Do this with your sole aim to better understand their work, their challenges and their goals.

Get our free User Insights Discovery PDF (link below) to help structure your questions and collate your findings in the key areas of:

  • Efficiency
  • Effectiveness
  • Innovation
  • Security
Screenshot 2018 12 10 at 15.00.19

Then use your team’s collective smarts around your data and technologies to propose some solutions that would address the issues you have found.

Pitch these concepts back to your audience.

See if you’ve understood their challenges correctly.

Get their feedback on your concepts and ideas, and then take it from there.

It might even be you find one of those “nuggets” along the way but treat that as icing on the cake.

By taking a genuine, direct interest in solving peoples specific issues I’ve always found works out better for them, and consequently better for you and your reputation.

It would be much better if good news about your team’s contribution was spread by others rather than yourselves.

By setting up structured, focused, in-person sessions to really understand your audience’s challenges, you are giving yourselves the best chance, to achieve your objectives.

Well, much better than a newsletter anyway, I believe.

How would you approach this? Sign up to the newsletter and then drop me a line at


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