How Best To Use The Off Season To Improve Your Driving

Another challenge I have is wondering how best to use the off season for learning and gaining experience with my kart. I live away from tracks in the mountains; weather keeps me in the house frequently from November to February (unless I’m enjoying the outdoors). I would love to work on set up or data, but it seems hard to do. Anything for learning and improving while not being on track is what I’m looking for in the short term. I’m certainly open to ideas!

Well other than karting in the wet – which is a lot of fun and great for all of the engineering challenges.

Have you considered getting a sim rig? 

Again, this is another rabbit hole you can get completely carried away with so apologise but here is an article I wrote on getting started with sim racing, if you haven’t thought about it before.

Try thinking of the sim in three ways:

  1. To learn tracks,
  2. To learn race craft,
  3. To develop your concentration. 

On the last one, with a lot of drivers I’ve coached we treat the sim like a gym for the mind.

It can really help you because you can set the car so it doesn’t change, so therefore there is no reason you can’t do 5 laps the same… Is there… 🙂


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