Ever wondered what the perfect lap looks like?

This lap is stunning. Enjoy this raw, no commentary, on-board video. Then watch it again.

Honestly, this is as good as racecar driving gets:

Lewis Hamilton Singapore 2018 Quali lap
Lewis Hamilton 2018 Singapore Quali Lap – Stunning

Click image or this link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AI3JzYCL3K0

6 Reasons Why I Think Its THAT Good:

  1. Lewis could not have braked later. Trailing the speed perfectly into each corner.
  2. He hits every apex.
  3. His steering is super smooth. One gradual turn motion. No sawing at the wheel.
  4. He could not have got on the power any earlier. Maximising all the available acceleration but with no wheel spin.
  5. The proximity of the barriers massively increases the risk of this approach.
  6. He left no margin anywhere, even at the end when he was already over 1 second up.

It is a masterclass.

A once in a life time lap.

If you are ever wondering what the perfect lap looks like, or looking for inspiration watch this.

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