“That analysis software is so restrictive. How can I get this into Excel?”… You say … again!!!

Excel VBA For Motorsports

Upgrade your Excel skills with Excel VBA For Motorsports, the ultimate course for Excel enthusiasts. In just 1.5 hours, learn 70-80% of all the Excel VBA you’ll ever need and take your skills to the next level with VBA. Get accurate and flexible solutions to your motorsports calculations, and stop wasting time searching Google.

1.5hrs of lessons – 4 Parts – 33 Videos -example workbooks + handouts included.


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Do you find yourself frustrated with analysis software and wishing you could get your calculations into Excel? Are you a motorsports enthusiast who wants to level-up your Excel skills? Look no further than Excel VBA For Motorsports!

Learn 70-80% of All the Excel VBA You’ll Ever Need in Just 1.5 Hours!

Excel may be a dinosaur, but it remains wildly popular in motorsports. With the need for calculations popping up everywhere, it’s essential to have robust and accurate solutions that are flexible and easy to update. This course will teach you 70-80% of all the Excel VBA you’ll ever need in just 1.5 hours of video lessons, divided into four parts with 33 videos, example workbooks, and handouts included.

Take Your Excel Skills to the Next Level with VBA

You may already be a go-to person for all things spreadsheets, but it’s time to take your skills to the next level. You know Excel can do more, but you’ve probably gotten stuck and lost hours of your life trying to rephrase your issue to get a decent answer from Google. With motorsports data logs especially, you might be dealing with thousands of rows of data. Once you start adding cell calculations for every row, multiple tabs of data, charts, formatting, lookups, etc., your sheet will become slow and cumbersome.

Get Accurate and Flexible Solutions for Your Motorsports Calculations

That’s where Excel VBA comes to your rescue! With a little VBA code, you can transform your spreadsheet life. This course will give you a zero BS grounding in how to use Excel VBA, focusing on simple calculations – the challenge of adding up a column of numbers! Keeping the calculation part simple reduces distractions and helps you learn more quickly. You’ll gain a clear understanding of what’s going on under the hood, waste less time getting stuck, and have the tools to unpick someone else’s Excel sheet with ease.

Master Simple Calculations with Ease

Invest your time in learning more about what Excel VBA can do for you with Excel VBA For Motorsports. Don’t waste any more time aimlessly searching Google. Get your calculations into Excel and take your skills to the next level with this course.

Stop Wasting Time Searching Google For Answers…

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What’s included?

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Access Anywhere. Optimised For Mobile & Tablets.

1.5hrs of lessons – 4 parts – 33 videos – 2 files – 5 text files



Introductory video to Excel VBA course – 8mins

Introductory slide handouts

Course Answers [Excel Spreadsheet]

Part 1 – Laying Your Foundations

Introduction – Part 1

Welcome To Part 1 Video – 3mins

Environment Setup – 3mins

Subroutines – 3mins

Sheet IO – 3mins

Sheet IO Example – 5mins

Sheet IO Example Part 2 – 4mins

Message Box Introduction – 2mins

Introduction to Dimensions – 4mins

More With Dimensions – 5mins

Conclusion of Part 1 – 1min


Part 2 – The For Loop

Introduction – Part 2

Welcome To Part 2 Video – 1min

The Double Dimension – 3mins

Option Explicit – 3mins

Another Types of Cell Reference – 2mins

Introduction To The For Loop – 4mins

More For Loop – 2mins

Debug.Print – 3mins

Conclusion of Part 2 – 2mins


Part 3 – Hooray For Arrays!

Introduction – Part 3

Welcome To Part 3 Video – 2mins

Introduction To Arrays – 8mins

More Arrays – 4mins

Top Tip – How To See Inside An Array – 3mins

Finding The Last Row – 4mins

Array Debugging – 4mins

More Sophistication With UBound & LBound – 2mins

Better Sheet Referencing – 3mins

Conclusion of Part 3 – 2mins


Part 4 – Performance & Summary & Next Steps

Introduction – Part 4

Welcome To Part 4 Video – 2mins

Performance Analysis Using Timer – 2mins

IF Statements – At Last! – 3mins

Performance Improvement With ScreenUpdating – 3mins

Conclusion of Part 4 + Your Next Steps – 4mins

Final Thoughts & Links


About Your Instructor – Samir Abid

 Hi, I’m Samir Abid. I’m an engineer from Warwick, UK.  I must have used Excel every week for at least the last 20 years! My work has involved building sophisticated analysis and reporting tools for world leading sports teams.

VBA was something I was able to self teach myself, but it took months and months. This is the course I wish I’d had access too when I first started using VBA. Yes Excel is old but it has been old for 20 years! Knowing VBA gives me confidence to build anything in Excel. In a couple of days that will soon be you.

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