0.4 seconds faster in ONE corner!! How so?!

Data For Track Drivers

Imagine if you knew – without doubt – how you could improve your lap times.

Start to become a data detective today with this Pro v Am data comparison.

See who is faster, why and how you can turn that insight into actual lap time.

9 short videos lessons + Secret Bonus

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If You Have Ever Wondered …

✅ Why is one driver faster than the other?
✅ Where should I start with data analysis?
✅ How can I compare different drivers braking points?
✅ Can I easily work out how hard a driver was braking? If so how?
✅ How should I use on-board video in driver assessment?
✅ Is it possible to see how much lap time was gained or lost through a corner?
✅ How much grip are the drivers using – and how can I tell?
✅ Can I compare the drivers turn-in points for a corner? If so how?
✅ Is one driver doing something different or more advanced? If so what?
✅ How can I turn these new insights into faster lap times – on the actual track!? ?

… Then This Course Is For You.

Working Out Your Driving Game Plan

Your challenge as a track driver is to develop a plan to navigate the track as fast as possible. You can do this by trial and error – with seat time and experience. You might become faster than anyone you know this way but you will always be limited. Your speed will be limited, if not by your budget then certainly by your experience and your time. 

Motorsports and track driving is complex. There are many factors that affect your speed and your lap times.

You want to know you are doing the best with what you can control. 

Without an objective measure you can never know how well you are doing for sure. Lap times comparisons are objective but they are also influenced by many factors outside your control – like car differences and the rain!

Motorsports data offers you a solution here. An ability for you to see more clearly through this fog of complexity. To answer your questions on how to go faster, how to approach a corner, when and where to brake, what gear to choose … and much more.

This mini-course offers you a guided insight into what is possible. A simple, practical worked example to show you how to start doing data analysis for yourself.

Learn more about the course and your instructor below:

Driver coach & club racer – Matt Cherrington
Driver coach & club racer – Matt Cherrington

Course Format

This mini-course is in video format. It is short and sharp but there is a lot covered. Watch each video lesson as much as you like! There is also a fun mini-quiz at the end to see if you were paying attention! You’ll also find some suggestions for next steps.

What’s included?

Lifetime Access. Lifetime Updates.
Access Anywhere. Optimised For Mobile & Tablets.
9 lessons + 1 quiz + Next Step suggestions

Contents – Data For Track Drivers

  1. Welcome To The Course
  2. Pro v Am – Who was faster?
  3. Are You Use All Your Tyres Potential Grip?
  4. Corner Analysis And Use Of Onboard Video
  5. Speed Trace & Time Slip
  6. Steering & Brake Analysis
  7. Applying Advanced Driving Techniques
  8. Making Your Plan
  9. Data For Track Drivers: Quiz
  10. Next Steps
  11. Secret BONUS Lesson

Lesson 1 – Pro v Am – Who was faster??

About Your Instructor – Samir Abid

 Hi ?, I’m Samir Abid. I’m an engineer from Warwick, UK. Data has transformed my enjoyment on track. Finally, being able to get certain answers to questions on how to drive the car or approach a corner has been great.

There is some complexity to motorsports data. It does not always do what the manufacturers promise. But it can still be useful to you. I hope you enjoy this short course and you’re able to start improving your track driving as a result.

About Samir Abid | Your Data Driven

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