Coaching In Motorsports: What Can You Learn From An Olympic Coach?

Coaching In Motorsports

Motorsports is a strange sport.

In fact many people do not even consider motorsport to be a “real” sport at all!

That can be frustrating.

Not least because it is one of the only sports where men AND women can compete together equally in the same competition. That is something that we should shout about much more. But there are other implications of not being a “proper sport.”

One of these is to do with coaching. Or rather the lack of coaching in motorsports.

You may know that my other day job involves working with Olympic and Pro sports teams. None of these athletes or teams would consider competing without a coach. But why?

How Pro Coaching Works

In professional sports they take a very logical approach to achieving their aims. An approach that could benefit you, even at an amateur level.

First they consider their performance goals (i.e. win the next Olympic gold medal.)

Then they decide what they believe it takes to win by breaking down each of the following 4 areas:

  • Technical
  • Tactical
  • Physiological
  • Psychological

If you have ever tried to define “coaching” then you know it is not straight forward. Coaching in motorsports is even more difficult!

But, in my humble opinion, the majority of “coaches” in motorsports focus only on the technical.

The other 3 areas get little or zero attention.

The reasons I can only guess at but I believe this is mainly historical.

The result is that, as a sport, we are missing out. And that means, you are missing out on potential performance.

What Can You Learn From Olympic Coaching?

Episode 18 of the podcast show is all about what you can learn from Olympic coaching and performance.

I am joined by ex-Team GB Head Coach Scott Gardner. Most famous for his work in cycling with Chris Hoy and Victoria Pendleton. Scott has held senior coaching posts in many Olympic sports.

In the show you will learn how professional coaches performance plan to develop athletes to win. Then understand how you can apply that to improve your own racing performance.

Hopefully you will be thinking different after this one!

Here is the link to the show: ​

Have a listen. Then forward the show to the one person you know who would appreciate listening to Scott speak. And if you were thinking Ross Bentley then I agree but I’ve beaten you to it ?

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Best wishes


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