Tyre Grip Explained In The Excellent Michelin Tire Guide

The Michelin Tire Guide is a detailed booklet to help you understand tyre grip. Be warned it is comprehensive. There is physics and chemistry.

Where To Start In Vehicle Dynamics? – Tires!!!

For anyone who is has been advised “Tyres are where you need to start in vehicle dynamics!” then this guide should really help you.

Click the image below to download the pdf.

Tyre grip explained in the excellent Michelin Tyre Guide
Tyre grip explained – Grab this Michelin Tire Guide

This guide is well written but quite heavily engineering and science based. If nothing else it shows you just how much is going on with the tyre. The measurement and study of grip is complex.

Even this super detailed guide to explain tire grip is only scratching the surface. How the suspension interacts within this system of tyre, track, car and environment adds another layer of consideration.

Everything on a car – road, track or race car – begins and ends with the tyre however so I would recommend taking your time and working through this pdf.

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