Wouldn't it be great to get a little more grip from your tyres?

Tyres are the most powerful tuning device on your car BUT...

... set them up wrong and your car will be slow, unbalanced or even unsafe to drive. Get your tyres setup right and your car will handle like a dream, corner as if its an extension of your body and have so much speed you'll be wondering - with a big grin on your face - what the other drivers are doing...

It doesn't matter how many years you spend at the track - if you don't learn how your tyres underlying mechanisms work, your mental model will always be incomplete.

Becoming proficient with tyres is game-changing

Suddenly you know precisely what settings to use and why they are the best. As a driver, you gain a deeper awareness of what your tyres are doing and what they are capable of. You know precisely how to adapt your inputs (and how not too!) in order to get every last drop of performance from your tyres. All this not just for one track, but for any track, in any weather condition.

Beginner-friendly but far beyond the basics

Whilst you might have access to knowledge on tyres, through the many heavy texts on the subject, they are not the easiest bedtime read. Believe me! So I wanted to help you accelerate your knowledge of tyres in a practical and more accessible way.

Master Your Tyres is a comprehensive semi-self-paced online course for track drivers. Spread over several modules, the course gives you three things;

  1. Develops your mental models and intuition around how tyres work. Discover why "smooth" really is faster and many more "a-ha" moments to help you fill in the gaps behind why what you are seeing and feeling on track, really happens.
  2. Gain access to proven tyre tuning processes and must-know driving knowledge. The theory is ok but only if you can apply it. Working through each challenge you face - on track or off - you'll get straight-forward answers on what to do (and why).
  3. Access to a powerful new setup tool. With much of this key tyre knowledge automagically baked-in, you'll soon find it easier, and faster, to interpret what your tyres are telling you. Then be able to more reliably decide how best to maximise your tyre performance, next time out.

Race? Frankly, this is all the stuff your competitors really wish you didn't know...

by Samir Abid - Your Data Driven

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