The Complete Beginners Guide To Motorsports Data Analysis

“Where am I going to find 2 secs per lap?”

You enjoy driving and you are good at it. You are one of the best drivers you know and you are increasingly confident on the race track too. Deep inside know you have the driving talent – so why are you slower?

“Seat time is lap time” but you are pushed for time. Your calendar is stacked with work, family and life in general. Even if you had an unlimited budget for testing you would still never be able to carve out enough practise time.

In fact, your motorsports takes so much investment, commitment and (frankly) sacrifice, you do not want to waste another second of track time.

Data promises to be your salvation. You are told that buried deep in your pile of racecar data are extraordinary insights. Astonishing knowledge that (you wish!) you could discover and apply to increase your chances of lapping faster.

You decide to invest hundreds – or even thousands – in a data system from companies like AiM, Racelogic, Apex Pro, Race Technology or MoTec

But then …

“Where do I start with this mess !?”

If you have tried to use data to analyse your driving – or even coach another driver – maybe your experience has been like this?

➖ You download the data from your track session.
➖ Open your data loggers’ “intuitive analysis” software.
➖ Feel your eyes being assaulted.
➖ Recover your composure.
➖ Hunt around the screen for something meaningful.
➖ Recognise what looks like your lap times.
➖ Click on your fastest lap time.
➖ See multi-coloured squiggly lines appear all over the screen.
➖ Start feeling nauseous.
You realise are not at all sure what you are looking for.
➖ Keep searching the screen anyway, as something will pop out
➖ Think you find something but have no clue how it can help you.
➖ Begin wondering if data is for you after all.
➖ Decide you probably need to do a bit more Googling on this.
➖ Dejected and none-the-wiser, you close the laptop.
➖ Secretly, you also start blaming yourself for failing to work it out …

If that is you, you are not alone .. and it is definitely not your fault.

motorsports data analysis course - Data for Drivers. Your Data Driven
Where do you start with this mess?

Broken Promises

Despite promising to be the answer to your hopes, motorsports data analysis systems are far from intuitive.

You are fed-up of aimlessly searching for videos on YouTube, answers on forum threads or paddock conversations with your local “data nerd.”

You are left wondering:

❓ Where to even start (and what to look for!) in the squiggly lines?
❓ Is data worth the effort? (lets be honest 🤷‍♂️)
❓ How (and even if) data applies to your level of driving?
❓ What to do with the numbers once you have them?
❓ How the numbers relate to your performance?
❓ How to apply this knowledge (given your track session is over!)
❓ Whether the numbers are accurate (and what it means if they are not?)
❓ How the systems work (so you’re prepared if something looks odd …)
❓ What “odd” would even look like …

Back To Guess Work?

With little idea of what “good” looks like, you jump back and forth from data scarcity to data overload. You may even have considered giving up. Resigning yourself, deflated and defeated, back to trial and error.

Your sophisticated data system, with all its promise, all its hidden secrets, in serious danger of becoming a very expensive lap timer.

But what if you could start to become fluent with data?

What if you did know the fundamentals of driver data analysis?

How good would it feel if you KNEW:

✔ Precisely where you are gaining (or loosing) lap time around the lap.
✔ Where your driving is least consistent.
✔ How late you can brake for each corner.
✔ Your best lap time potential.
✔ The best gear to be in at all times.
✔ The best racing line to give you the fastest speeds.
✔ Where to place the car on every corner entry?
✔ Whether you are using all your racecars grip?
✔ How to prioritise your analysis so you are not overloaded in the car?
✔ How to actually use your datalogger as more than an expensive lap timer …

Imagine knowing how to maximise your racecar’s speed, every lap … all by this time next week!

Ross Bentley on Your Data Driven Podcast

Amazing course!

I’ve been using data for almost as long as data has been around and – I gotta tell you – I learned a ton from this! “

Ross Bentley – Indycar Driver & Coach

038: Jeremy Sladen - Looking Sideways

“This has been great, I did my first event using basic data capture a couple of weekends back and learnt more about my driving in 3 runs than I’ve learned in 30 odd years.”

Jeremy Sladen – Amateur racecar driver


The Complete Beginners Guide To Motorsports Data Analysis


Learn motorsports data analysis on easy mode.

Discover the fundamental building blocks for track driver data analysis. Gain new skills and confidence. Zero pre-requisites. Minimum theory. Maximum practical application. Full laser-focused guidance on generating actionable insights.

Topics include:

✔ A step-by-step process you can apply immediately to gain useful insights.
✔ The basics of how GPS data loggers actually work.
✔ The data you need to know about and what you can ignore.
✔ Where and what to start looking at.
✔ What good looks like …
✔ What to focus on if you are novice, front runner or even a pro driver.
✔ What you can learn from how Olympic coaches develop athletes.
Ways to create a plan that you know will improve your lap times.

You’ll learn to confidently improve your own racecar driving. You might also be able to start helping others – as a junior data coach!

Simple, self-paced video lessons so you become confident in analysing your motorsports data.

Learn A Proven Process (Not Only Analysis Techniques)

Uniquely, this course aims to give you a complete end-to-end process. A process completely agnostic to any particular type of data logging system.

A race proven method that you can employ from the moment your race car comes into the pits to the moment it leaves again.

Providing you with a structured foundation. After taking this course you will be confident to analyse yours (or other peoples) data and quickly determine your opportunties to improve.

You will know clearly how to put them into actionable insights and how to build on your data analysis skills fundamentals.

Motorsports data analysis course testimonial  - Jonathan Lisseter

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The Complete Beginners Guide To Motorsports Data Analysis Course + Bonus Pro v Am Masterclass

Gain the confidence to answer your track driving questions:

✔ Where are you gaining and losing lap time?
✔ Where can you improve on the brakes?
✔ Have you selected the right gear, at the right time?
✔ Where are you least consistent?
✔ Which data is relevant to your driving level?
✔ What should you focus on for the next session?
✔ How do GPS data systems roughly work?
✔ Are you using all your braking potential in each corner?
✔ How data can supercharge your learning whilst in your race car?
✔ What step-by-step process you can use to help yourself or others – as an instructor, coach or even a junior data engineer.
✔ And much more …

Let your data logger become more than just an expensive lap timer to you.

Learn the core fundamentals of track driver data analysis today.

  • Instant access – 24/7 lifetime access on any device, anywhere, any time.
  • Self-paced lessons – rewatch whenever you like.
  • 4+ hours of friendly, professional and expert instruction.
  • Quality video lessons, Live telemetry demos, handouts, quizzes.
  • Completion certificate.

Gain more laptime than a new set of tyres with knowledge that will never wear out!

Buy now £297 + taxes

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What Is Included?

Organised into three distinct modules, this self paced online motorsports data analysis course contains over 4 hours of guided instruction, 27 high-res PDF handouts and 6 interactive quizzes.

The course content is organised as follows: (Free sample lessons are below)

Part 1: Understanding Data Acquisition

  • Introduction
    • Data Types
    • How Loggers Work
    • Into To GPS
    • Quiz 1: Understanding Data Acquisition

Part 2: Data Evaluation and Analysis

  • Lap Times
    • Why Lap Times?
    • The 4 Key “Times” Of Interest In Motorsports
    • Quiz 2: What Can You Learn From Lap Times?
  • The Speed Trace
    • What Is The Speed Trace?
    • Live Telemetry Example – Associate Data To On Track Feeling
    • What To Look For?
    • Which Is Faster?
    • Discovering Driving Inconsistency
    • Braking Point Analysis
    • How Well Are You Braking?
    • Quiz 3: Understanding The Speed Trace
  • Lap Time Gain and Loss
    • Where Are You Loosing Lap Time?
    • Live Telemetry Example – Lap Time Gains And Losses
    • How Is Delta-t Derived?
    • 2 Detailed Worked Examples Using Delta-t
    • Quiz 4: Learning From Delta-t
  • Longitudinal Acceleration
    • What is Long Acc?
    • Live Telemetry Example – See How Long Acc Matches Driver Inputs
    • Detailed Worked Example – Finding Specific Driver Opportunities
    • Quiz 5: Lessons From Longitudinal Acceleration
  • Data Evaluation Summary Section
    • Data Evaluation In Summary
    • Where Next For Your Data Analysis?

Part 3: Forming The Driving Plan

  • Great Feedback (Inc To Yourself!)
    • Intrinsic Feedback – Learning From Olympic Coaches
    • Effective Feedback – Your True Focus
    • Skill Development Secrets
    • Quiz 6: Learning From the Pro’s In High Performance
  • Evaluation To Action
    • Assess Your Driving Level
    • Prioritise For Your Driving Level
    • Distill Your Plan
  • Motorsports Data Analysis Course In Summary
    • Final Thoughts – You Made It!

FREE Sample Lessons:

In this lesson from Part 1 you learn about Data Types:


In this lesson from Part 2, lesson you learn about using the Speed Trace to uncover driver inconsistency:

Motorsports data analysis course testimonial - John Norrington

Bonus (Worth £97): The Pro v Am Masterclass


Despite our own (hidden?) driving confidence, we understand that someone who earns their living from race car driving is likely to be better than us.

Putting a pro in your car and you’ll discover how fast it can really go.

Despite likely feeling a bit humbled on the stop watch (😬) the bigger issue is that it is not clear HOW YOU could learn from what they did.

You could talk with them of course. They would give you some great advice I’m sure.

Without seeing how YOU perform however the advice would be nothing other than fairly generic. You would not be much further forward (and several $0,000’s lighter in the pocket!!!)

What you want is to know is precisely:

  • Where they are gaining or loosing against you.
  • How they are braking, turning, and applying the throttle.
  • The line they are taking and how they are approaching each section of the lap.

In short, what does a pro do differently to make them so fast?

In this Pro v Am Masterclass you do not have to invest anywhere near that amount to know what a Pro would do. Recently I was able to learn from having non-other-than Pro driver Scott Mansell (Driver 61) race my car.

Think of this class is a practical, easy to digest worked example of a full fat motorsports data analysis course. One where you get to sit on my shoulder and see exactly how to interpret motorsports data and form a concrete driving plan to go faster.

Working through the approaches taught in depth in The Complete Beginners Guide To Motorsports Data Analysis (Option 2) you will see exactly what Scott Mansell was doing to make him so fast.

You might be surprised that even Pro drivers can find areas to improve using these methods – I take you through all this and more.

By the end of this 1 hour Masterclass you will:

  • Know precisely what sets the pro’s apart from the rest of us,
  • See the best racing line to take,
  • Know the best gears to be in for each corner,
  • Be certain exactly how and where to brake around the lap,
  • Discover how to assess if the driver is using all grip of the tyres,
  • See how this knowledge can be distilled into a simple driving plan you know will be faster,
  • But, most importantly, you’ll be able to start to use YOUR OWN own data to discover these same race winning insights for yourself.

I appreciate you might not have a pro hanging around but let me reinforce the point here.

Having the pro in the race car aims to remove a level of doubt about the conclusions you can draw from the data.

He is faster (in fact over 1 sec faster than the whole rest of the field in the same car!) The data shows it. You can see it.

I show you the complete methods needed to understand how to determine his speed. You do not need a pro in your car.

Repeat the process I show you in this Masterclass and you will be able to assess your own data as if you had had a pro drive your car.

Motorsports data analysis course testimonial - Matt Cherrington
Race engineer & club racer – Matt Cherrington

Meet Your Instructor

About Samir Abid | Your Data Driven
Samir Abid

Hi there, I’m Samir Abid. I’m an engineer from Warwick, UK. For the first 10 years of my career I worked in vehicle dynamics, developing suspension systems for road and racing cars. For the last 10 years I’ve run a sports data engineering consultancy. I have always raced at club level.

During these experiences, I have seen the struggle, frustration and intimidation people have with numbers and data. My mother was a teacher and I guess I have that desire to help in me too!

I now share my knowledge and experience with people like you, in order to help the club level motorsports racer gain more enjoyment from their own racing.


Will these motorsports data analysis course’s help me race faster?

You get the enjoyment of putting everything you learn into practise. This course will give you the tools to discover for yourself where and how you can use GPS data to improve. It will help you focus and form a prioritised plan. You will have the skills to know, for certain, what you need do to race faster.

Can you help me with a particular problem?

Yes I can help you understand everything covered in the course. If you want personalised advice on interpreting your actual data then please get in touch once you have signed up.

How long will the full course take?

The beginners course is self paced. You can take each part at your own pace. I would expect you to be able to complete the lessons within a week. You should be able to apply the knowledge immediately. This is only the start of your journey – the best never stop learning.

What data logger should I buy?

You should buy the one best suited to your budget. I do give you some guidance within the GPS introduction lesson on what to look out for with these systems. The popular systems are AIM, VBOX and APEX Pro (remember to pick up your discount code if you go for the APEX.) These courses are vendor independent – the lessons apply equally to any system.

Can I share this course with my teammates?

Drop me a note at [email protected] and we can sort you a multi-user licence. As it stands you are buying an individual licence for your own personal usage.

What languages is the course in?

Currently just English. If you are interest in translating it, I’d be interest to hear from you.

How much do I need to know about motorsports data beforehand?

This course is design to take you from zero. I anticipate you are familiar with circuit racing but that is it. All the maths is explained with simple charts and diagrams. There is no maths in the quizzes – this is meant to be fun right! If you do struggle during the course, just reach out via email and I will help you.

What is the format of the course?

The courses are made up of video lessons, handouts and quiz exercises that you can work through at your own pace. It’s hosted inside the Podia platform, which works similarly to most other online courseware out there. When you purchase, you’ll create an account that will grant you lifetime access to the course.

How long with the course be available for?

Forever! At least until I die and stop paying my hosting bills, or until the end of the universe. You can go at your own pace.

What happens after enrolment closes?

Enrolment is limited to enable me time to focus on supporting you and other students. When the doors close there will a hard policy of no further enrolments for this cohort. The course may become available again in a some point in the future. Current pricing cannot be guaranteed however. If you do feel this course for you, now is the time to grab your spot.

What is the refund policy?

The fees are non-refundable. However if you are not 100% satisfied with the course, send me an email and we can discuss where it is not meeting your expectations. I will then endeavour to put that right for you so that you get the outcomes promised.

Have other questions?

Tell me your concerns and I will help you. I am an Engineer not Marketeer so forgive me if things are not clear. Email me your questions at [email protected]

Motorsports data analysis course testimonial
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