Relating Telemetry Data To Track Performance With The Speed Trace

How can you relate telemetry data to track performance? If you have decided to start using motorsports telemetry data, most people will tell you to look at the “speed trace”. But what is that and what are the telemetry lines telling you?

What you want to be able to do is to relate the charts and data you see on the screen to performance on the track.

In this short video I show you exactly what the speed trace looks like so you can begin to relate telemetry data to your driving.

Using live telemetry data you will see the data appear as the car is driving around the track.

I show you the different driving approaches, so you can also see what fast and what slow look like on the telemetry speed trace.

The aim is so that you can orientate yourself on what data could start to tell you.

Ready for the next step?