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“I simply have no clue where to start with racing car data analysis!”

Your Racecar Data Is Hiding Winning Secrets

You know that buried in your pile of racecar data are extraordinary insights. Astonishing knowledge that you could apply to increase your chances of winning races. Instead, far from giving yourself an “unfair advantage” you feel baffled. Staring confused at complex lines on a screen.

Racecar data analysis course for beginners. Your Data Driven

Your racecar data should be helping you to put together the puzzle of fast racecar driving. Like determining the best racing line, braking points or which gear to be in. Despite promises to help you “drive as fast as the pros”, data has so far not delivered.

Racecar driving is a hands-on sport. How much value can data offer anyway? Is it even worth your time and effort to understand what the data is telling you?

Very much lost in the fog, you have no clue where to start with racecar data analysis.

Data Systems From The Ark

Data systems (and their software) are expensive and complex. Worse, they seem to have been designed by people who delight in hiding what you want to see, then confusing you when you find it.

With little idea of what “good” looks like, you jump back and forth from data scarcity to data overload.

Exasperated with the quirky Windows 95 interfaces, inconsistent terminology and another forgotten SD card, you give up.

The slow, tedious chore to get the data off the car and the numbers in front of you, abandoned.

Your sophisticated data system, with all its promise, all its hidden secrets, relegated to just being a (very expensive) lap timer.

But that’s OK, isn’t it? You tried, right? It’s not your fault the data systems manufacturers seem to have no interest in helping you. Now they have got your cash, their promises of “analyse in an easy and intuitive way” are starting to feel a little hollow.

Fine (perhaps?) if you have an engineering degree or you wrote the software, but a confusing mess of squiggly lines otherwise.

“Best of luck” they say … but you now know you are on your own …

The Promise Of Certainty

The thing is though that you are tired of listening to the “wisdom” of your local paddock cup champion. The vague and questionable stories about how you simply need to be “flat out” like them, in order to drive faster.

You know deep down that using a data system can help you to pinpoint critical improvements in your racecar driving. After all, why else would every single professional motorsports team on the planet be using data systems? – clearly it is for good reason.

Forget wishy-washy, hand-wavey folklore. You want precision, certainty and clarity so you can simply make the most out of every single precious second you get to spend out on the race track.

You know you could probably hire an expensive specialist to do this for you. For some, it is the perfect option but is that really the best use of your limited racing budget? Who can you trust and how will you actually know if they know their stuff?

For anyone fluent in interpreting racecar data, you know they will rapidly be going from finding seconds of lap time to honing in on the last tenths … you just don’t think YOU can do it.

Driving Faster & Finding Lap Time

But what if you could? What if you knew precisely how to develop your racecar driving so you were always improving, alway more competitive?

Imagine if every time you hit the race track you were armed with a concrete plan of action. One where you knew precisely where you should be aiming to place the car, when to turn-in and where (and how!) to brake for each and every corner.

What if you knew, for certain, what the potential of your racing car was and how you could maximise it, every time out?

How good would it feel to know that your lap times are fully representative of the true pace of your racecar? Every tenth of a second extracted from the car.

Imagine knowing specifically how you could maximise your racecars speed, all around the lap, every time you hit the track – and all within a week.

Yes, racecar data analysis can result in immense frustration … but it doesn’t have to.

racecar data analysis course - Sergio Rinland on Your Data Driven

Racecar Data Analysis Course 🎉

Learn to start analysing you racing driver performance like a pro, with my racecar data analysis course for beginners.

Step-by-step we will steadily build up the layers of your racecar data analysis skills.

Starting with the fundamentals by the end of the course you will have new skills and confidence. Laser focused on practical application and actionable insights, topics include:

  • Where are you gaining and losing time?
  • How good is your racing line?
  • Where can you improve on the brakes?
  • Are you are using all the available grip?
  • Have you selected the right gear, at the right time?
  • What should you focus on for the next session?
  • … and more!

You’ll learn how and where you can systematically improve your racecar driving. You will know how to improve with more precision (and more confidence) than ever before.

You did it! Beginners racecar data analysis.

The course is primarily designed for the self-coaching club racing driver. The course is equally applicable for driver coaches, instructors and teams who are looking to start out using data for driver performance analysis.

The course is not for you if you are already an intermediate or advanced level practitioner. Nor is it for those who already have good experience with data analysis in general. The tempo and simplicity is designed for those who are less technically comfortable – certainly at the start 😊

This beginners racecar data analysis course will give you the bedrock skills and approaches for racing driver data analysis.

We are fortunate that the fundamental methods of driver analysis are common across any data system. Whilst we do dip into a range of specific data systems, this course is not a “how to” guide for any one manufacturer. Luckily, once you know precisely what to ask for, getting help on your specific system becomes much easier (and less embarrassing.)

This course will teach you invaluable new skills to master your data. Skills you can instantly apply to increase your chances of winning races.

You then simply need to do the fun part, and put your plan into action on the track! 😊

So brush up your lines for your next podium interview, sign up to express your interest in the racecar data analysis course below and you’ll be enjoying your newfound racing success in no time.

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Meet Your Instructor

Beginners racecar data analysis course with Samir Abid at Your Data Driven.
Samir Abid

Hi! I’m Samir Abid, a Chartered Professional Engineer with a life long passion for motorsports.

In my day job, I have been working with data professionally for over 20 years. My background is mainly in automotive chassis and vehicle dynamics engineering, specifically using simulation and computer modelling.

As well as racing cars and road cars, I have worked extensively within Olympic and Professional sports teams empowering them to make better decisions using their data.

During these experiences, I have seen the struggle, frustration and intimidation people with different life experiences have with numbers and data. None more so than my own racing.

My mother was a teacher and I guess I have that desire to help in me too! I share my knowledge and experience in order to help the club level motorsports racer gain more enjoyment from their own racing, through my blog, podcast and courses like this one.

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