PS4 Telemetry Setup For FREE

PS4 Telemetry Setup For FREE

Sim Racing is great. You can use it for online racing, for driver training and even learn about race engineering. However many games do not include a method to analyse your performance data. Telemetry data analysis is missing on all versions; for PC, Xbox & PS4 Telemetry.

You might be used to analysing your telemetry data in your real car. The lack of telemetry analysis capability in the game can feel like driving one-handed.

For example, Project Cars 2 does give you some performance data when you are driving. What you really want though is to have the full data traces you are used too. You also want them when you are not driving too.

Being able to study your data in your “virtual pits” would enable you to know precisely where you could improve. Just like with real racecar data analysis, you would be able to see precisely where you could improve.

Yes, racing is all about lap times in the end. However, race driving is about having a solid plan you can execute on. Data is a way to help you build that plan so that is concrete. After all, that is why we run data on real racecars so you can learn and improve. Not having it in your sim racing environment is a handicap.

Well you are in luck!

UDP PS4 Telemetry Data To The Rescue

As you will know I have been running Project Cars 2 on the Playstation. If you are interested in why I chose this setup then have a read of my complete beginner’s sim racing kit guide here.

Yes Project Cars 2 does not have a data analysis system but, what it can do, is “broadcast” your live data over your wifi network.

What this means is that you (or others!) can create systems to pick the data up. If you can get the data you can start to analyse it.

Most people who have had a go at this have focused on the live aspect of the data. They have created lovely looking live dashboards or broadcast-style replay systems.

Here is a link to the current options promoted by the game publishers. They are really impressive and one even includes a highly detailed race engineers setup tool.

Another option.

PS4 Telemetry Application

I discovered another option called Telemetry Application over on the Race Department website. This free app is written and supported by its community member, Iko Rein.

Below is a screen shot of the kind of data you can get:

How to get PS4 Telemetry data.

All this data is generated live. It is also saved so you can refer to it in the future. You can also share the files with your fellow drivers (if they are up for it!) to then compare yourselves.

The app is not a full-blown analysis suite like you get with real hardware systems. There are also some odd behaviours and controls.

For PS4 Telemetry, however, this app is more than fit for purpose. Seeing the data generated live as you drive around is also novel. Personally I believe this really helps you with understanding how the data matches to your driving.

For more on how to interpret the data, you might also like to see this short video that uses this software for the demonstration.

Hope it helps you if you have been looking for a free PS4 telemetry solution but without joy.

Happy analysing.

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