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The Complete Beginners Guide To Motorsports Data Analysis  - Motorsports courses on YourDataDriven
The Complete Beginners Guide To Motorsports Data Analysis

The Complete Beginners Guide To Motorsports Data Analysis

You can lap faster using data analysis. Step-by-step introduction to the fundamentals of race driver data analysis. You’ll ace this!

Data For Track Drivers - Cover Image
Data For Track Drivers

Data For Track Drivers – Mini Course

Imagine if you knew – without doubt – how to improve your lap times? Start with this mini-course.
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The Motorsports Playbook - Motorsports courses on YourDataDriven
The Motorsports Playbook

The Motorsports Playbook

Learn how professionals approach their racing so you can improve yours. Curated wisdom distilled from the Your Data Driven Podcast.

Ultimate tyre guide coming soon
Ultimate tyre guide

The Ultimate Race Car Tyre Guide

There is not a more important part of the race car to get right that your tyres. Learn how to get the most from your racing tyres.

Introduction To Excel VBA For Motorsports  - Motorsports courses on YourDataDriven
Excel VBA For Motorsports

Excel VBA For Motorsports

Excel is a dinosaur but it is still everywhere! Stop wasting you life searching for answers on Google. Level-up your Excel skills today.

Pro-v-Am Data Masterclass  - Motorsports courses on YourDataDriven
Scott Mansell Pro v Am Masterclass

Pro V Am Data Analysis Masterclass

How much faster would a pro go in your car? Discover insights in your data that you can start to apply today. Step-by-step masterclass.

 - Motorsports courses on YourDataDriven

Beginners Guide To Motorsports Gearing

Choose the wrong gearing – in your prep or on circuit – and you will be slow. Learn how to maximise all your engines potential.

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