How to Export AIM Data To Share

Knowing how to export AIM data can be a bit confusing. What you may want to do is share your AIM data logger data with others but it is not clear how.

You can see it in your Race Studio database but are not sure how to, nor exactly which files, of the many similarly named files in the computers folder, you need to be sharing.

To double-check you might open up the data you want to share into Race Studio 2 and have a look at your options. When you click File at the top there is this promising-sounding “Data Export” option:

How to export AIM data - the Data Export option in Race Studio 2 Analysis

If you click on that, unfortunately you then get presented with these options:

How to export AIM data - Not the options you are looking for.

This comprehensive list of AIM data export options is interesting but nowhere is an option for you to export the data you have in your database AS AIM DATA.

What this Data Export option is actually set up to do is to enable you to take your AIM data and CONVERT it for use in other software – such as Excel. If this is what you are after, then this Data Export functionality is actually pretty comprehensive. Clearly that’s great but if that isn’t what you are looking to achieve then it is of little use.

The issue is, I suspect, that the guys who wrote the software were anticipating that you would have direct access to your files. Either pulled from the datalogger or know where they were located on your computer. I guess they thought it would be obvious what to do?

To Export AIM data from the database.

Say you wanted to share the “AIM – SuperKart” data. This is a nice example as you might not know exactly where the files for this are even located on your computer!

From within “Test database and Lap manager” click on the “Export test” button in the bottom right:

How to export AIM data - how to export from the database and lap manager

It will then ask you where you want to store the files. Make sure you choose somewhere easy to remember them – for example, your Desktop or Downloads folder.

Click ‘OK’ and Race Studio will save the data you need to share.

In fact, AIM Race Studio saves THREE files. Below you can see the SuperKart files:

How to export AIM data - the resulting files - share ALL THREE

You need to share ALL THREE of these files.

I have really no idea why they made this so complicated (i.e. with 3 files) but hopefully now you know exactly what files to share and how to export them from your AIM database.

Best of luck!

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