How Much Does It Cost To Go Racing?

If you have not been out on track before, the question of how much does it really cost to go racing is a valid one. You know it is not free. You also know that it is not millions. But you want to know approximately what does it cost to go racing – and then where do you even start?

I teamed up with the 750 Motor Club in the UK, and Scott Mansell (Driver61 fame) to put this helpful video together. The pricing of course is an indication. The car options you have in different countries will be different (although the MX5 / Miata is everywhere!) Therefore consider this as one perspective that aims to help you understand a bit more.

What Else Influences Your Cost To Go Racing?

In the end the cost to go racing will vary depending on many things.

  • Level of Mechanical DIY: The amount of work you want to do (or feel you can do) will increase or help to reduce your cost to go racing. If you are mechanically minded then you can save money (and have more fun?) by doing all the mechanical preparation yourself. No time or expertise for that? Then you will be able to find people to help. Sometimes friends, will who work for beer. Established teams will want to be paid to at least cover their own costs.
  • Where you stay: The level of comfort you require over a weekend will have an impact on your cost to go racing too. Many race meetings are away from your home base and take place over a number of days. Many camp in tents, others take the family (or a friends) motorhome, some stay in local hotels. Each of these options will have cost implications.
  • Level of sponsorship: The type and level of sponsorship that you can generate can clearly impact your cost to go racing. Interestingly it is not always on the top of peoples agenda at a club level. I’ve had a few guests on the podcast discuss sponsorship. The feeling is that you need to strike a balance between the job of fund raising and the fun of racing. Take a listen to a few episodes for ideas and to judge for yourself – one guest generated over £40k in sponsorship before he had even done a race!

Hope this has helped you.

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