Fuel Calculations Getting Complex?

Run Your Fastest, Lightest Racecar (That Won’t Run Out Of Fuel…)

Fuel Calculator by YourDataDriven

Race fuel calculator - Scenario plan visual
Race fuel calculator by Your Data Driven

Why Handicap Yourself? Lighter Is Faster Right?

You know that the heavier your racecar – kart / bike / even sim racecar (!) – is the slower you will be able to lap. And that is a problem because fuel can add a lot of unnecessary weight to your racecar. The last thing you want is to handicap yourself by running heavier than you need to be.

But there are trade-offs – like how much time you spend in the pits.

How can you objectively determine what pit and fuelling strategy is the best? šŸ‘‡

Jeff Braun reviews the Fuel calculator

“To finish first, first you have to finish.”

Of course, you need some fuel to make your engine go!

No-one wants to run out of fuel – to be remembered as that person who ground to a stop whilst leading on the last lap. Ouch!

Or worse, to be that person who got disqualified post-race. Either for finishing underweight or without enough fuel left for those scrutineering checks …

How much fuel is the right balance?

Fuel Calculator - How Brave Are You
Fuel Calculator – Guess? How Brave Are You Feeling???

Endurance Racer?

So how should you approach longer races? Endurance events where you must refuel. Should you simply brim-it each pitstop and trust it to luck?

Lose too much time in the pits, you might as well have not bothered. Remember you lose time:

ā±ļø On the pit entry
ā±ļø Stationary in your pit box
ā±ļø Refuelling (and remember – more fuel takes longer to add …)
ā±ļø Getting back up to speed again

And you lose all this time, every time you pit …

You’re in a race! The pits is the last place you want to be.

Fuel calculator - Winning is everything - quote Damon Hill

Which Strategy Is Best … For You

ā“ Should you put in a larger fuel tank to extend your range?
ā“ How many pitstops will that mean you need?
ā“ When should those pitstops be?
ā“ How much fuel should you add each stop?
ā“ What affect does a fuel safety margin have on your number of pitstops?
ā“ Is it faster to run lighter, with less fuel, but pit more often?
ā“ What can you do to save a pitstop?
ā“ How does this tracks layout effect the calculations?
ā“ What effect does a minimum pitstop time in your regs make?
ā“ Would lapping slower, saving some fuel, actually be faster overall?
ā“ How can you use what happened last race to predict your best strategy on this track?
ā“ What difference does it make to have a timed race or a lap based race?
ā“ Is it possible to easily work this stuff out?! (Spoiler Alert: For you, yes! ?)

Phew! So many questions.

Your Fuelling Strategy Quickly Becomes Complex!

With so many variables is it totally understandable why many just guess. Fingers crossed. Hoping for the best.

But what if YOU did not have to guess?

What if you had answers to all these questions? … and more ???

Andrea Quintarelli reviews Fuel calculator

Complexity Made Simple

How good would it feel to be confident, when your competitors were unsure? To know you had looked at all your options. To have found the fastest way to run your race.

Perhaps a way that none of your competitors would think to try. An opportunity to spring a surprise. To have that 20-20 hindsight … ahead of time.

Take the strategic lead. Know the precise amount of fuel to add. The precise moment to pit – or, indeed, if you needed to pit at all …

A balanced, thought through and reliable fuel strategy for your race – short or long!

Imagine having a simple plan to run the lightest, fastest racecar. A racecar that you know won’t run out of fuel.


Fuel Calculator
By Your Data Driven

The Fuel Calculator by YourDataDriven is a simple predictive tool.

An interactive guide to help with your fuelling strategy decisions. An Excel tool to help you quickly answer your race fuelling performance questions. Questions like:

āœ”ļø How long will it take you to complete the race laps?
āœ”ļø How many laps will you be able to complete in the race time?
āœ”ļø What is the total fuel you need for your race? (don’t run out mid race!)
āœ”ļø What’s the average fuel weight per stint in the racecar? (less is better!)
āœ”ļø How much fuel will be left at the race end? (including a custom safety margin)
āœ”ļø How many pitstops will you need?
āœ”ļø When should those pitstops be? On what lap? After what time?
āœ”ļø Is it better to run lighter and stop more often? If so precisely how much better?
āœ”ļø What is the minimum fuel you can safely carry for the fastest race?
āœ”ļø And more …

Karim Fuel Calculator Testimonial

Updated… Now Choose Your Preferred Units

Since launch the biggest feature request has been unit switching. This makes so much sense. You are used to working in your familiar units and the odd UK ones are a pain.

Upgrade done!

Fuel calculator unit switching enabled

Simply chose the units that work best for you and away you go. Everything seamlessly updates so you can focus on perfecting your fuel plan.


Watch this guide to the Fuel Calculator Pro version.

The fuel calculator gives you everything you need to calculate your fastest route to the finish line.

Four Options. One Goal.

Basic Economy version
Plan your fastest fuel strategy
Timed & Lap based races
1x Performance Model
1x Quick lookup table
Pro + Consult Personal Support
Everything in Pro +
45min Consult Call [Zoom]
Become totally confident planning your fuel strategy
Includes having a race planned for you

Requires MS Excel
Prices include your local taxes where applicable.
All versions include lifetime free updates, revisions and corrections.
Subject to our Fair End User Licence Agreement
Need >5 licences? For bulk discounts email hello@yourdatadriven.com

Fuel Calculator Be the best prepared

A Worked Example:
How to gain 36+ seconds (and save Ā£50)

Scenario 1:
You have a 120 lap race and decide to start with your tank brimmed to 90 litre capacity.
What happens šŸ‘‡

Fuel calculator - 120 lap scenario plan

Filling to 90 litres each time needs 2 stops.
Race takes 194.9 mins.
A huge 28 laps (37.3kg) of fuel remains at finish …

Could you do better?


Scenario 2:
You decide to adjust fuel fill amount using the fuel calculator:

You manually iterate or use the auto fuel level optimiser: [Pro only]

Fuel calculator - Optimiser results
Example of Auto fuel level optimiser [Pro]

Get INSTANT results:

fuel calculator optimsed race results 76 litres

Results Scenario 2:

Running 76 litres is 36 seconds faster than 90 litres.
Each stint averages 4kg lighter.
Only 4 laps (5.3kg) of fuel remain at finish.

You have just gained the equivalent of:
36 second head start
3/10ths per lap
for FREE!

You haven’t run out of fuel,
You have in fact saved the cost of:
24 laps of fuel
Save over Ā£50.00

How The Fuel Calculator Works

Easy as 1-2-3

1 Build Your Performance Models. [1x Basic, 4x Pro]
– Setup your track (Name, length)
– Setup your car (Tank capacity, time to refill it, fuel usage)

Choose your track on the Fuel calculator
Fuel calculator - Setup your car
Fuel calculator - how much fuel does your racecar use?

You instantly get:

Fuel usage:

Fuel calculator - fuel usage summary

+ 3x Quick lookup tables like this:

Fuel calculator - fuel performance lookup tables

Create up to 4 performance models [Pro]

For rapid comparison of (say):
– Dry verses wet,
– Different tyres,
– Different aero packages,
– Engine modes,
– Lift and coast stints,
– Safety car,

– or … you choose ?

2 Select Your Race Type – Laps or Time
– Set your race length (Sprint or Endurance)
– Choose a fuel safety margin
– Add your initial fuel amount

Fuel calculator set your race length time


Fuel calculator set your race length laps

You instantly get:

Your Race Fuelling Strategy:

Fuel calculator - Race scenario plan

Your performance questions answered:

Fuel calculator - performance detail

3 Optimise Your Fuel Strategy
– Select your performance model
– Adjust fuel amount to minimise stops and weight
– Go faster … go win! ?

Switch between up to 4 performance models: [Pro]

Fuel calculator performance model instantly switchable


Instantly adjust & optimise your fuel level:

Fuel calculator - Time based setup example

Simple As That!

About The Creator

Hi, Iā€™m Samir Abid from Warwickshire in the UK. I’ve been a professional engineer for over 20 years on road cars, racing cars and in pro sports.

I host the Your Data Driven Podcast and create courses, books, articles and calculators on race engineering topics. Plus, I coach and race myself at club level!

Previously I built fuel calculators for pro teams. This is one is a scaled down (yet improved upon!) version of one I made for the Ford GT GTE Pro team in 2019. Hope you like it!


About Samir Abid | Your Data Driven

FAQ – Fuel Calculator

Does this work for sim racing / karting / bike racing?

Yes. All race vehicles will be quicker running less (virtual) fuel.

What kind of races is this suitable for? Sprint or endurance?

Both. Endurance racers will get most benefit because of the pitstop optimisations. Sprint races can easily calculate the fuel they need, plus use that information at future tracks.

How can I work out how much fuel my racecar uses?

The tool is based around knowing how much fuel your car uses in all the difference scenarios you would like to investigate. If you are sim racer or have a live telemetry system on your car, you are in luck! This information is already at your finger tips. If you don’t then a method is to run a representative race session in practise. Work out how much fuel you have used and your average lap time. The calculator will then do the rest for you.

What is a good fuel safety margin?

This is personal choice. I prefer to run at least one whole laps worth of fuel as a margin. This helps account for any inaccuracies in the initial measurements. It also gives you more options with little time penalty.

My race has a minimum pitstop time. Is this considered?

Yes. You have the option of putting in a competitive refill time or a fixed minimum time.

What is the longest race the tool can support?

In theory there is no limit. In practise, the charts are the limit. They will show you around 26 hours or 1100 laps. Hopefully that is enough! If you need longer get in touch – because you’re probably crazy ?

I use different measures. Is there a version with gallons and lb’s?

Yes!… Not at the moment. If you would like an alternative version let me know. If there is enough interest from customers, then I’ll create this. I will then make it available to any purchasers as a future free upgrade. Hopefully you see that is a fair compromise. As promised, upgrade done ?

What happens if things change mid race? Can this tool still be useful?

Yes. Clearly in a sprint race you are locked in whatever happens. In an endurance race though many things can happen that might change your ideal race running. Because it is so quick to change the tool, I would say yes you can benefit mid race. For example, if there is an effective race reset – say after a safety car or red flag – you can quickly adjust the race duration to what remains. Then re-optimise your refuelling to get you to the end. Just ask if you want to discuss this point more.

What device do I need to run the fuel calculator?

Windows PC with Excel 2016. It should also work on Mac Excel and earlier versions of Excel but I’ve not tested it. Just let me know post purchase if you have any issues with compatibility and I’ll help.

Can you help me set this up?

Yes. My hope is that you can put this together yourself. If you would like more personalised support, choose the consult option here.

Is there a licence agreement?

Yes. The Fuel Calculator is subject to our Fair End User Licence Agreement. You are granted one license to install and use on a single computer. You may create backups to the software but please do not circulate/distribute them. Like the title suggests, the licence aims to be fair to all. Please respect it.

Do you offer Parity Purchase Pricing?

Yes. If you live in a country where the local economy makes our products and services impossible to afford, we now offer “Parity Purchasing Power” (PPP) by request to adjust our prices to your local income. Motorsports is not cheap in any country. Most will get their money back on this fuel calculator in one race meeting. However, everyone’s circumstances are unique. More information and included countries are here.

What is the refund policy? Can I get my money back if I don’t like it?

If you are not 100% satisfied, send me an email within 7 days of purchase. I will endeavour to help you to get the outcomes promised. If the tool is still not for you then, yes, I offer a 100% no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.

I have other questions …

Great! Happy to help you. Email me at hello@yourdatadriven.com

Fuel is heavy. Heavy is slow.
Yet winners are fast. So go go go!

Boldly you say “Take all the fuel out!”
But oh! … You need that fuel to go flat-out.

Your race is short, your race is long.
How much fuel is your optimum?

So what is it to be? Are you going to wing-it?
How good would you feel if, you could predict it?

Of course no-one need tell you, you already know:
*Predict it* is what the winners do.

And now, with this fuel calculator, that can be you…

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