FREE Excel VBA Course

Where do you start end you want to level-up your Excel ability with VBA but don’t have a Programming background?

There are so many choices. How do you know what course is worth your time? Where can you get a basic introduction to the environment quickly and easily?

Try my short, sharp and FREE Excel VBA Course. With Over 1.5 hours of guided video content and code samples, this simple 4-part introduction is all you need to get going quickly with VBA.

By the end you’ll:

  • have complete clarity on how to get started with Excel VBA,
  • know 70%-80% of all the major concepts, features and functions people use,
  • be equipped to help yourself when you get stuck, and
  • have a solid foundation for taking things further.

Watch the Video Introduction below for more specific details on this Free Excel VBA Course.

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