Ep9. Data In Club Racing with AIM expert James Colborn

AIM Expert James Colborn joins us on the show to talk all things data. Learn how he went from zero to teaching others, how you can approach data and where data can add value to your own racing.

Episode Notes

What value does motorsports data really offer you as a race driver? When should you start using data? What should you look to achieve when using data?

James Colborn is not an engineer. Nor does he have a professional motorsports background. Yet through developing his own data analysis skills (using his AIM Solo) he then chose to share his learning online.

Thousands of views later, James now works with the team at AIM to continue to help others improve the value they can realise from their data logging investments.

Join us to discover more about James journey into motorsports, how he approaches data analysis and what you can do to emulate his success.

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