Ep7. Making Fast Racing Drivers with Scott Mansell Driver 61

Scott Mansell from Driver 61 joins me for this packed show. You will learn how you can apply some of the driving secrets that sit behind his exclusive racing driver masterclasses. Its not one to miss, believe me!

Episode Notes

What is the most effective and efficient way to develop racing drivers?

After a successful Pro driving and coaching career, this is the question Scott Mansell (Driver 61) asked himself.

After a chance encounter in the pit-lane, Scott Mansell has gone on to found the hugely successful Driver 61 business that develops race winning racing drivers.

With millions of daily site visitors and millions of YouTube views, Scott Mansell has developed a unique approach to compliment his exclusive Masterclass programmes for training racing drivers.

Join me on the show as we explore a little about how this all came to pass, how he was never going to make it as a cake baker, and how you too can apply some of the secrets he teach’s on his courses in your own racing.

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