Ep51 Willem Toet on Applying F1 Aero To Your Car (2 of 2)

Part 2 with Willem Toet, the former head of aerodynamics at the Benetton, Ferrari and Sauber Formula 1 teams. Aero is one of those subjects that gets a lot of air time on TV but its often hard to relate that back to what you can do yourself. Willem Toet has some great insights and very practical tips. Make sure to listen to part 1 first and be sure to check out the links in the show notes for some really good followup videos and articles.

Willem Toet Part 2

[01:38] How to get the maximum downforce from a wing

[05:35] What qualifications do you need to work in F1?

[11:15] The Benetton story

[14:46] How vortex’s give you downforce.

[22:50] How Sauber maximised its Wind tunnel efficiency

Links mentioned in the Willem Toet show:

– How do diffusers work?

a) https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/how-do-motorsport-ground-effect-diffusers-work-willem-toet/

b) https://www.racetechmag.com/2017/08/willem-toet-explains-motorsport-diffusers/

– How wind tunnels work? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KC0E0wU6inU&t=4s

– CFD post processing explained. https://www.racetechmag.com/2019/02/willem-toet-explains-cfd-post-processing/

– Willem Toet on Linkedin https://www.linkedin.com/in/willemtoet1/

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