Ep49: F2 to Your Garage – Keeping it simple with Gavin Bickerton-Jones

Today I’m delighted to welcome ace engineer Gavin Bickerton-Jones. As an F2 team owner, several F1, Indy and sports car aces have passed through his care. Having raced himself on a tiny budget in the 1980s, he shares several tips and practical suggestions that you can apply to your own motorsports. There’s absolute gold dust in this one. So without further ado, sit back, grab a pen, grab a coffee, and hear what Gavin has to say…

Jump right in: Gavin Bickerton-Jones Show Highlights

[01:50] Meet Gavin Bickerton-Jones

[08:38] The most simple method of fault detection on a racecar

[20:10] What makes a good damper curve for your car?

[31:15] Getting money from the bank to start a race team…

[46:50] Lewis Hamilton’s secret technique for finding the fastest approach to any track

Links mentioned in the Gavin Bickerton-Jones show:

– Gavin Autosport profile: https://www.autosport.com/formula2/news/how-to-be-an-ace-engineer-f2-and-damper-specialist-gavin-bickerton-jones/10443011/

– Gavin Bickerton-Jones photography site https://www.gbjphotography.co.uk/

Learn to Drive Faster and Set Up Your Track Car with Confidence @ https://www.yourdatadriven.com