Ep47 Julian Thomas on Racing, Resilience and the VBOX Story

Julian Thomas joins Samir Abid in this intriguing podcast episode to explore the world of motorsport data and analytics. The founder of Race Logic and VBox, Julian Thomas shares his unique motorsports journey, the value of mastering the basics, and how you can practise these in your everyday driving. This episode is brimming with Julian’s insightful lessons. So as ever. Grab a pen. Grab a coffee. Sit back and enjoy what Julian has to say.

[01:20] Meet Julian Thomas: Introduction and Story of the VBOX

[14:00] How to get into racing (its not straightforward)

[18:05] Winning the Championship Using a Data Driven approach

[28:10] The Value of Racing in Lower Profile Series to Learn to Race.

[45:00] Innovating with Position calculations (rather than traditional distance)

Links mentioned in the Julian Thomas show:

– RaceLogic: https://vboxmotorsport.co.uk/index.php/en/

– Fun Cup https://funcup.co.uk/

– Historic racing https://www.goodwood.com/motorsport/motor-circuit/history/

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