Ep46 Nick Padmore on Thriving at the Edge: Lessons from a Life in Racing

Today we have a fantastic guests lined up for you – racing driver and coach Nick Padmore. From the high uptime world of racing to the intricacies of car dynamics, we’re going to delve deep into a range of topics that will hopefully give you a range of new perspectives to apply to your motor sport. So much to take away from this conversation, not only about the racing, but also how to manage the practicalities of life, including with your family, in a racing environment. So as ever. Grab a pen. Grab a coffee. Sit back and enjoy what Nick has to say.

[01:40] Meet Nick Padmore: Introduction and Career Highlights

[13:40] Mastering the Craft: The Art of Racing and The Role of Data

[18:55] Facing Challenges: The Goodwood Story and Overcoming Crashes

[38:18] Balancing Act: Integrating Family Life into Racing

[41:02] Preparing for Race Day: Physical Fitness and Mental Focus

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