Ep45 John Shoffner From GT3 Racing To Space

Today I’m delighted to welcome John Shoffner to the show. Husband of a previous guest, the amazing Janine Shoffner, John is another incredible person. A successful GT racer and entrepreneur, John Shoffner is also a pilot .. oh … and he’s about to go to the International Space Station. Yes that’s right, John is going to become a real life astronaut. This is a fascinating discussion, I apologises now for making only fleeting references to motorsports!, although we do discuss how Johns motorsports experiences have helped him in his astronaut preparations. John has a great story and share lots behind the scenes insights I’m sure you’ll find interesting. Maybe ditch the pad today, and simply grab a coffee, sit back and enjoy listening to what John has to say.

John Shoffner Show Highlights [Click timestamps]

[7:40] How to get into racing 

[15:12] Meeting, and being trained by, Sabine Schmitz

[21:15] How to crash!

[27:12] How do you become an astronaut?

[34:34] What is it like to be astronaut today (verses in the 60’s?)

Links mentioned in the show:

– John Shoffner’s race team website http://j2-racing.com/

– Learn about Axiom and becoming an astronaut https://www.axiomspace.com/

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