Ep43. Janine Shoffner On Learning To Race At The Green Hell

Janine Shoffner is quite an incredible lady….

Ex-professional skydiver and free-fall photographer, Janine Shoffner now completes on the World Endurance GT stage. A lady with a quite incredible backstory, she’s recently drove a whole 4 hour race, at the Nordscheife, solo!

In this show we discuss how a chance track day outing lead to her being trained by the late-great Sabine Schmitz and sparking a life long passion for racing. Janine Shoffner shares tips you can try on fitness and mental preparation as well as many other fun stories along the way.

[6:24] Learning to sky dive with the SAS

[14:42] How to spend 2 years finding the perfect car (and discovering track days)

[17:57] How to get started in Motorsports (and drinking with Sabine Schmitz)

[25:40] Transitioning from track days to racing (spec Mazda Miata’s)

[30:59] Becoming a master of your own mind

Janine Shoffner's Mercedes GT3 "office"
Janine Shoffner’s Mercedes GT3 “office”
Janine Shoffner ex-skydiving photographer
Janine Shoffner ex-skydiving photographer

Links mentioned in the show:

– Janine Shoffner race team website http://j2-racing.com/

– Technology mentioned in the show https://nucalm.com/, https://www.whoop.com/en-gb/, https://life.bemergroup.com/

– How to get started with driver feedback.

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