Ep42 Andre Lafond On Deciding To Follow The Dream To Race Indycars

Andre Lafond is a future star Indycar driver currently racing Formula Ford here in the UK. In this show we discuss what it takes to make that decision to go all in on a career driving racing cars. We talk about the role of coaching and how to give the most useful driver feedback to your engineers and crew. Andre Lafond also gives us some surprising tips about how he uses mountain biking to help with his mental, as well as physical, preparation.

Andre Lafond Show Highlights

[4:00] What does it take to commit to becoming a professional racing driver? 

[14:50] How different are karts and racecars? 

[23:01] How can you learn from watching other drivers?

[31:52] Tips for working with engineers or your support crew

[38:33] What is the different between a coach and an instructor?

Links mentioned in the show:

– Follow Andre Lafond’s progress here – https://andrelafondracing.com/

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