Ep41 Paul Fickers On Using Simulation To Tune Your Cars Handling

Today I’m joined by ex-F1 suspension guru Paul Fickers. Paul Fickers has worked has been developing suspension systems on road and racing cars for nearly 30 years. He has also developed a quite astounding suspension development tool within Excel. In his own words it got completely out of hand! We discuss all things suspension, how you can do the basics right and what the basics even are. We do get a little nerdy at times but its a great conversation and if you’ve ever had questions about how your car’s suspension works, then this will be perfect for you. So without further ado, grab your notepad, grab a coffee, sit back and lets hear what Paul Fickers has to say. 

[4:06] Building a suspension analysis tool… in Excel

[13:25] Why multi-link suspensions are good (if complex!)

[23:50] Why the nature of suspension systems make racing so exciting

[33:33] How simulation is still useful even though they are not 100% accurate

[43:11] How to (and the important of) building trust between engineer and driver 

Links mentioned in the show:

– Pauls epic simulation software (for the confident!) http://www.dynatune-xl.com/

– 10 Step damper tuning process http://www.dynatune-xl.com/uploads/1/2/6/7/12673370/dynatune-xl_10_step_damping.pdf

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