Ep40 Elite Cyclist Dan Bigham On Apply F1 Thinking To Win At Any Level

Today I’m joined by Elite cyclist Dan Bigham. Dan Bigham is not only a multiple track cycling champion and British record holder, but he is also a very talented engineer. Currently Dan Bigham works as a Performance Engineer under David Brailsford at the INEOS cycling team. In the past he has been an aerodynamics engineer for the Mercedes F1 team, plus he has even worked for me! In this episode we explore what it takes to win in cycling and how you can apply that in your own motorsports. There are more parallels than you might think. It was a real pleasure to catchup again with Dan and I really hope you get a lot from what he has to say. So without further a-do, grab your notepad, grab a coffee, sit back and lets hear what Dan Bigham has to say.

[4:55] How (and why) to simplify the complexity of motorsport

[14:55] Why socks matter – and the idea of making your life easier to go faster

[20:38] The power of being confident to always be open to learning

[30:00] Competing is the competition of preparation too

[38:18] How is coaching different to instructing? 

Links mentioned in the show:

– Dan’s book – https://www.shopforwatts.co.uk/products/start-at-the-end-book

– Dan’s cycling business – https://www.shopforwatts.co.uk/

– Dan’s day job – https://www.ineosgrenadiers.com/

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