Ep4. Race Driver Performance Analysis with Andrew Rains of Apex Pro

Racecar data acquisition systems are powerful but many racers struggle to get the the most from them. Former Pro racer Andrew Rains joins us to discuss how his company Apex Pro are developing a novel product to making life easier (and faster) for drivers to improve performance. Join us to learn about his approach to data and how you can apply the same approach no matter what data system you use.

Episode Notes

Racers spend a fortune on data acquisition systems in the hope of improving their lap-times. Sadly in practise, these high-tech and extremely capable systems do not get used to their full potential. Either because racers don’t have the experience with data interpretation or the cumbersome user experience means that practically they do not have the time.

What you want are the data’s secrets to be presented to in a way that you can maximise their value – either when you are out on track or frictionlessly as soon as you come off the track.

Andrew and his team at Apex Pro have taken up that challenge in this traditionally conservative industry. Join us to learn how they have gone about this and how you could benefit as a result.

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