Ep38 F1 Engineer Richard Frith On Suspension Setup And Driver Feedback – part 1 of 2

Today I’m welcoming F1 suspension guru Richard Frith to the show. Despite originally looking at aerospace, Richard Frith was recruited to the Jordan Formula 1 team by Mike Gascoyne. He fell in love with motorsports and has never looked back. 

This is part 1 of a two part show. In this show you’ll learn about how Richard Frith got into F1, about getting the most from relatively under resourced budgets, about how to approach your setup and testing. He also reveals where you can find the most lap time on any track. Grab a pen, grab a coffee, sit back and lets enjoy what Richard has to say.

[5:17] How to get into F1 engineering

[11:20] Building a vehicle performance group from scratch in Formula 1

[14:59] How much influence do F1 drivers have on racing car development?

[18:29] Process an F1 engineer would follow to setup a club level racing car.

[23:56] Goal setting in sports and how that’s relevant to track driving

Links mentioned in the show:

– Learn more about Richard Firth here https://www.linkedin.com/in/richardhfrith/

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