Ep37 Jim Kearney On What Drivers Need To Be Doing To Improve

Today I’m delighted to welcome Jim Kearney to the show. Jim is a US based driver coach who has had an inevitable amount of success helping drivers improve, and win, particularly at events such as the national SCCA runoffs in America. If you are not sure what a driver coach can offer you and want to learn Jim Kearney’s top tips that any driver can use to improve, then this shows for you. As always, grab a pen, grab a coffee, sit back and lets enjoy what Jim has to say.

[3:44] What is the attraction of motorsports?

[10:53] How small wins become big gains

[22:21] Tips on transitioning from driver to coach

[27:39] How do you win the annual SCCA runoffs in the USA?

[35:26] Under appreciated types of driver feedback.

Links mentioned in the show:

– Learn more about Jim Kearney coaching here https://kearneykdd.com/

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