Ep36 Dale Thompson On The Importance Of A Good Suspension Setup

Today, all the way virtually from Australia, I’m delighted to welcome Dale Thompson to the show. Dale Thompson has long worked in motorsports and with historic cars in particular. Dale shares with us many interesting and pragmatic ways to better understand and setup your car – so that it is easier and faster to drive on track. It was great chatting to Dale to get his insights. I’m sure that this show will get you thinking. Grab a pen, grab a coffee, sit back and lets enjoy what Dales has to say.

[4:45] What is a motion ratio?

[9:03] Why you should care about the frequency of your suspension system.

[18:25] How to get your track car into a setup window

[26:32] The difference between springs and dampers (shocks)

[32:52] Why its important to simplify the drivers feeling to guide your setup direction

Links mentioned in the show:

– Learn more about Dale Thompson and his setup services here https://www.suspensionsetup.info/

Perfectly setup your racecar. Master data analysis. Drive faster @ https://www.yourdatadriven.com