Ep33. John Block On Learning To Engineer The Driver

Legendary motorsports engineer John Block joins Samir Abid on the Your Data Driven podcast. John has worked at the highest levels in North American racing, engineering pole winning cars at Indy 500 as well as in NASCAR. Through the story of John’s background you will understand how his discovery and application of the scientific method can help your own driving and success on track.

From an age before data to now one where we are spoilt with the numbers, this is a fascinating conversation. One of Johns tips for drivers is “He who can get back to throttle soonest is the winner.” But why and what does he really mean by that. Let’s discover that. So as ever, sit back, grab a coffee and lets hear what John has to say.

[1:40] John Block Indy 500 and early career

[7:30] There Is More To Vehicle Dynamics Than Roll Centres

[13:12] He Who Can Back To The Throttle First, Wins

[32:34] What Data Do You Look At To Help Drivers?

[44:56] How To Do A Track Debrief Really Well

Links mentioned in the show:

– John Block’s motorsports business website http://www.auto-ware.com/

– Contact John Block on John@auto-ware.com

– Learn motorsports data analysis here

Perfectly setup your racecar. Master data analysis. Drive faster @ https://www.yourdatadriven.com


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